9/05/14 4:37PM

Yeah; "Next time you decide to be an asshole on a bike, wear a helmet!" would be more accurate, but, for the heat of the moment — not bad!

9/05/14 1:28PM

I agree. I run all the time, too, at parks or around my neighborhood. The worst I ever get is comments or shouts, and I usually flip them off or - if the windows are down - yell some equally crass greeting back. I would never really welcome a physical confrontation, and I think it is terrible for the victims of this, Read more

9/05/14 1:27PM

I'm glad she shoved him off his bike, but that's not what he gets for "not wearing a helmet;" that's what he gets for thinking he can put his hands on a random woman.

9/05/14 1:05PM

i had a teacher in high school whom i did not like until she told us a story about how she was running and a man kept following her very closely, despite her telling him to back off, and sure enough he did kind of lunge at her so she threw a rock at his head and ran away.

9/05/14 12:57PM

My best friend is a 5'3" tiny woman, and she runs all the time. Once she was alone and a dude on his bike smacked her ass. So she shoved him off his bike and yelled, "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT WEARING A HELMET, ASSHOLE!!!" and then ran off.

9/05/14 12:54PM

It's proper etiquette to extend ones pinky when delivering a well-deserved crotch kick.

8/29/14 5:42PM

At my private school, girls were required to wear navy blue "bloomers" under their uniform skirts for gym class. They would make us line up, bend over and touch our toes so they could check. We were about 12. I wish I'd said something then, because that is fucking creepy in retrospect.

8/29/14 5:38PM

We know. We do. And it's not you. It's just that a lot of your fellow residents seem to elect morons, and you are stuck living with the results.

8/29/14 4:14PM

Our (Texas) school dress code prohibited body piercings — even body piercings that are not visible while clothed. I had my belly button pierced and the rumor got around to my cheer coach, who demanded I lift up my shirt so she could inspect my reportedly-pierced belly button. I told her if she forced me to lift up my Read more