9/05/14 1:42PM

Yeah, I'm pretty sure between the two of us you've just clearly identified yourself as the asshole.

9/05/14 1:28PM

I agree. I run all the time, too, at parks or around my neighborhood. The worst I ever get is comments or shouts, and I usually flip them off or - if the windows are down - yell some equally crass greeting back. I would never really welcome a physical confrontation, and I think it is terrible for the victims of this, Read more

9/05/14 1:27PM

I'm glad she shoved him off his bike, but that's not what he gets for "not wearing a helmet;" that's what he gets for thinking he can put his hands on a random woman.

9/05/14 12:36PM

You lost me when you started mocking teachers for wearing a T shirt. Not everything a woman wears needs to be fitted or otherwise fashionable, didn't you know? Good points ruined by stupid looks-bashing.

8/29/14 5:55PM

It is terrible! But schools are so creepy about dress codes that it seems normal to kids.

8/29/14 4:36PM

I pledged a sorority my first semester in college, and it was one of the dumbest things I've ever been involved in. The value the organization brought to my life was an influx of cotton T-shirts, annoying mandatory weekly meetings, expensive dues, monetary fines if a meeting was missed, a couple parties where I (as a Read more

8/29/14 4:14PM

Our (Texas) school dress code prohibited body piercings — even body piercings that are not visible while clothed. I had my belly button pierced and the rumor got around to my cheer coach, who demanded I lift up my shirt so she could inspect my reportedly-pierced belly button. I told her if she forced me to lift up my Read more

8/29/14 4:11PM

LOL. And I hate when people write LOL. But that seriously made me LOL.

8/29/14 4:10PM

Well, yeah, and also the point that who gets to say a little boy's hair is too long for school in the first place?

8/29/14 4:05PM

OMG this reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when Elaine eats the vintage wedding cake from her boss's office and dances around.

7/25/14 5:43PM

OH MY GOD I wear cardigans to work all the time!! Oh noooooo!!!!

7/25/14 4:31PM

I agree that extravagant weddings are a waste of money and that creating registries of gifts is logically no different than asking for cash. Totally, totally agree. I have a good friend who married her gay partner out of state (Texas here, y'all) and soon thereafter started the expensive process of private adoption. Read more