Sam Eifling
Jan 9 2015

Confirmed: Tommy can smile in photos, though generally only during karaoke.

Dec 11 2014

It does sound like homespun hokum. But Frost tells it so well —

Nov 8 2014

Wow, I love this — so much dedication. You made a plan and you followed through.

Nov 6 2014

Shit, I click on this stuff all the time. How the hell else would I get sick of it?

Jan 15 2014

You quick-posting bastard. Can't a guy make one incredibly obvious coding error and have no one notice?

Nov 20 2013

Arguing from available anecdotal evidence isn't necessarily cherry-picking. I'd love to read a more systematic analysis. Until then, I'm going to keep saying "oh, shit" whenever my teams choose a defensive package that gives the other team's best athlete his best chance to get comfortable.

Nov 6 2013

Calling out Russia doesn't obscure anything re: the United States. So don't back away from your "grotesque oligarchy" comment. If shit is fucked up and bullshit, say so.

Nov 6 2013

More trenchant analysis like this, please. You're really sprucing up the place.