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11:11 AM

Our daughter ran a fever for 6 days. Blood work from pediatric urgent care showed an infection, but nothing concrete. Strep test came back negative. We were advised to take her to the pediatric ER the next morning, but fortunately her fever broke that night. The doctor we spoke with on day 6 said it sounded like Read more

2:50 PM

IIRC you start breathing more rapidly to compensate without even noticing it. I wonder if not being able to hold your breath for long would be a “tell” on this if you don’t have a pulse oximeter (thankfully I’ve got one, but they’re not super-easy to find everywhere and I had to buy mine online). 

1:06 PM

SpO2 measurements and “silent hypoxemia” are unfortunately very familiar to me as my significant other has a condition called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM for short). While the disease withered away lung functions, it was silent and unbeknownst to anyone until one day a cyst burst and caused pneumothorax (aka Read more

12:45 PM

I bought an oximeter just a few days ago, exactly for these reasons. Thankfully, I’m at 97-98% all the time, so that’s good news.

3:27 PM

No kidding, it’s really nice to have a not-terrifying story on this goddamned disease.
On a side note, the scientist’s name being Oh Myoung-don also made it look like the last two paragraphs of the story was written like a five year old was telling it and adding forgotten details.

1:51 PM

God damn am I ever happy to read this. This initial report was hands down the most terrifying news I had read about the virus after the initial news about it.

5:20 PM

It must legit. I can totally see the van where you’ve painted over FREE BREST EXAMS with FREE COVID TESTNG.

10:08 AM

A great example of this kind of thing was the famous Y2K bug that so many people now recount as being a total fizzer that didn’t really do anything. Read more

12:10 AM

When people started reporting the cardiovascular and neurological symptoms my husband (an infectious disease physician (if you aren’t tired of hearing that)) pointed out to friends and fellow doctors who spend less time treating people with overwhelming infections, that a lot of viruses that are otherwise not related Read more

4:00 PM

Fun fact: cytokine storms are what we think made the second wave of the Spanish Flu so deadly. That’s the only “flu” comparison that I think is merited at this point. Also worth pointing there is a good chance that pandemic started in the United States.

9:00 PM

I thought you were suggesting it protected the wearer a little more than it does. But "misinformation" was probably too strong a word.

6:01 PM

There are the two major types of antibodies, but each antibody is also specific to a particular virus or bacteria. They are testing for the COVID-19 specific antibodies of these two types, and not the IgM or IgG that responds to influenza H1N1 or something else.

12:13 PM

Don’t we get the final season of iZombie in the interim, though? That show does bonkers and meta pretty decent, especially with the brain of the week characterizations.