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4:49 PM

“And Mohr added that the company will remain “steadfast in its commitment to privacy (LOL),” and that it would “pursue legal avenues (but probably not very hard in the when presented with a warrant) should there be any future attempt to access information of users who have not opted in.”
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4:14 PM

Whelp, just deleted my account and data. While I always intended to do so eventually, I was taking my time and seeing what kind of info I could find on there. Now that it’s been acquired by a for-profit enterprise, it seems like the pro/con has tilted heavily to the “con” side.

3:13 PM

“And given the health issues that arose, it’s yet more evidence these procedures could needlessly hurt women. Read more

10:36 AM

I have a background in molecular biology and am a practicing hematologist/oncologist, so I get to deal with this shit a good amount. I don’t object to genetic testing - I’ve taken part in several large studies on genetics of cholesterol and high blood pressure, and I do genetic testing on my patients on a very routine Read more

10:30 AM

I’d say gluten free is a fad this decade, for this reason I have a family member who has full on Celiac and another who from a blood test is shown gluten sensitive. To me the start of a fad means there is a large enough consumer base for it to be marketed to, and everybody starts jumping in gold-rush style. Only in Read more

9:40 AM

Beyond the weak correlations and BS promises, is the fact these companies are not that great at identifying genes in the first place. Sloppy labs, rushed work, and unreliable sequencing and analysis methods make the results suspect. Read more

9:15 AM

You touched on what I hate the most out of these sites and tests and that is testing for risky genes, like the genes for Diabetes or obesity. At the end of the day regardless of your genetics the overwhelming majority of risk is dietary and lifestyle choices not genes. If you have the “risky” genes and you live a good Read more

10:13 PM

Let us all marvel for a moment at the descriptive language Dempsey used to describe a rare and severe allergic reaction, “their immune system behaves in an exaggerated fashion—think Donald Trump rather than Barack Obama. Read more

12:28 PM

I can’t wait for Bernie Sanders to cite this statistic in a debate, and then for Glenn Kessler to give him like 2.7 Pinocchios or a “Pants Smoldering” or something because “While 34 million sounds like a lot at first glance, it is actually less than 10% of the population, rendering Mr. Sanders’s claim misleading.”

7:48 PM

Well, not really. Vitamin E Acetate is well known to be unsafe to inhale (even though it is safe to consume and apply to the skin), and is known to cause lung injuries. Search for the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemical on Google. Read more

7:14 PM

There’s already plenty of evidence that demonstrates the cytotoxicity of excessive vitamin E in lung injury cases. There’s plenty of evidence showing that vitamin E acetate is used as a cutting agent for black market THC vape cartridges. Vitamin E, an established lung poison, is the sole linking factor in all these Read more

3:21 PM

Why so much eye worm porn the past few days?

8:07 PM

Huh, and all along I thought it was T. Maidment or T. Spannfeller that were the parasitic infections. Well, at least one is gone.