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4:49 PM

Yeah, limitations. So many of these surveys boil down to measuring the number of economically advantaged in any given geography. Not that it ever frames the findings, that usually carry the subtext of bestowing standings of virtue or vice—looking at you CityLab. So states with poorer populations and more humidity have Read more

4:46 AM

Yep I can confirm this! As someone who works in industry for a company that is actually very good about posting study designs and results, it’s incredibly frustrating that my competitors don’t follow the same rules - either by posting the required detail on trials or even posting them at all! Read more

7:21 PM

Probably foot dragging by design. Publishing positive results too soon allows the competition to see what you’re doing. Publishing negative results lets them know what doesn’t work. At least until you’ve got a patent and are market ready.  Yes, it’s good for humanity, but not for corporate profits.

10:07 AM

Who cares if alcohol wasn’t the only thing that killed these people. It contributed. That’s what the study says. Just because it wasn’t an overdose in every case, doesn’t mean it’s not killing people. There are many way alcohol can kill a person, again, like the study says... Read more

5:41 PM

Yeah, I wish. I paid $13,000 for my kid last January. I’m on a high-deductible HSA plan, with $6500 out of pocket max per person. Wife had a C-section and the baby was in NICU for 2 hours. I’ve been trying to pay this off for the past year.

5:39 PM

This isn’t saying much, but for what it’s worth, if you’re PLANNING on having a baby, and open enrollment is coming up, it would behoove you to consider getting a more premium (literally) plan than you’re probably on.
Read more

9:27 PM

I have been on buprenorphine for two years now and plan to take it for life - it is a miracle drug and a life saving drug. It should be easily and cheaply available!

2:18 PM

When people complain about “over-regulation” on medicine and other products in the US and question why it exists, this is why right here. Because if we didn’t regulate it, this shit would happen all the time because companies would just put whatever they want in their products.

11:12 AM

So, from the perspective of the field, this isn’t new information. We’ve actually known (as you note) that genetics is an imperfect predictor of disease, especially in the case of diseases of the elderly, like heart disease or diabetes. Read more

5:45 PM

Sorry... didn’t have time to read the article, but you probably need to cook them longer.  

2:32 PM

I think just about the last thing I ever want to hear is “You’re a host”...

2:24 PM

I currently am 6 days into having Influenza A despite getting a flu shot in December. I’m really really miserable, so I’d still encourage everyone to get the shot just in case it works for them!