An hour ago

Does everybody remember that Onion headline from a while back that was something like, “Ugh, Article is actually a Video”? I think of that whenever I click on a fun sounding article only to discover it’s another slideshow. Read more

Yesterday 5:09PM

I hope this heralds a new era of great Marvel single player games. So many epic stories to tell that I would love to play through but without any multiplayer stuff. 

Tuesday 10:16PM

I also bought a Wii U. That in and of itself was a perfect slap in the face 

Tuesday 5:59PM

You can swap out “Skyward Sword HD” for like half of what Nintendo releases and I think you’d have a statement that you could at least genuinely justify. The amount they charge for remasters relative to the level of effort that goes into them is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. That $60 3D Mario Collection where they Read more

Tuesday 4:16PM

I just wish/hope that more of them hew closer to the L4D formula and avoid classes/character abilities (for the protagonists, anyway), and definitely avoid any sort of level grind nonsense. L4D is still playable because of its simplicity. Don’t gild the lily.

Tuesday 1:52AM

Sadly some publishers aren’t using smart delivery. COD is one example. If you buy the one on the left there it will play in a series X but it will not install the series X version. If you want the better graphics and FPS etc you need to spend an extra 10 dollars ( 10 CDN dollars anyhow ). MLB the Show is even worse. Read more

Sunday 3:05PM

You’re condemning a company for the same thing that every other console maker was doing to a far greater degree up till now. Read more

Saturday 4:55PM

so nothing atall about beyond good and evil 2? I have concerns, its an ambitious sounding title for a risk averse company, its “star” developer booked under inauspicious circumstances, and even fans were confused by the prequel idea rather than continuing the cliffhanger we have mostly forgotten the particulars of...if Read more

Saturday 4:50PM

Oh, it’s absolutely going to be an Ubisoft open world checklist style game, no question. Probably not Multiplayer (beyond maybe pop-in), maybe some light live-service elements, but it’ll play a whole lot like... just about every single one of their other games.

5/25/21 5:00PM

Only time will tell, but my guess is that they are grossly overestimating the number of hardcore Warhammer fans that would pay for a dedicated streaming service. I am interested in some of the proposed shows and would watch them if they hit a service I already have like Netflix or HBO+ but I would not subscribe to a Read more

5/24/21 11:58AM

I think the issue is more that a 6/10 game is more likely to let you down (it’s more divisive), not necessarily that it’s a “lower tier” of game; there are plenty of 6/10 games I’d give an 8 or 9 to, it’s just a riskier proposition than a game that’s scoring 9/10 everywhere.

5/20/21 12:37PM

It always baffles me that my friends can have amazing OLED 4K TVs and still use like TV speakers. Audio has ALWAYS been as important to me as video. 

4/21/21 12:08PM

Most of those games are multiplatform, so your Xbox-targeted point falls flat.

3/29/21 7:03PM

Understandable. This harms their brand even when they’re not a part of the collaboration.