Dvora Meyers
Dvora Meyers is a staff writer at Deadspin.
Feb 19 2019

That’s a good start. Much better than her predecessors, tho in truth that’s not a high bar to clear. Read more

Dec 10 2018

We’re not giving details out of respect for his family’s privacy. Thanks for understanding.

Feb 10 2018

I know it’s only semi-related, but for a second I thought that was my dog in the lead photo.

Feb 9 2018

Someone loans you a $ 160,000 car and let your dog jump on the seats??
You know dogs have nails?

Feb 9 2018

You must have a fancy dog. My dog would have sniffed the tire and peed on it. The Maybach is marked.

Feb 9 2018

My favorite part is the dog. I couldn’t care less about the overpriced car. Dog is awesome though.

Jan 24 2018

Ms. Meyers -thank you for your coverage of this important story. I have tried to read all your posts and all the comments to them and that has been a gut-wrenching exercise. To be covering it had to be difficult. And then to imagine the horror these women and girls have endured - the stripping away of trust, the Read more