Dvora Meyers
Dvora Meyers is a staff writer at Deadspin.
Feb 5 2019

Kathy Johnson Clarke sent a lengthy response to my questions. With her permission, I’m publishing it in full below: Read more

Feb 12 2018

The inaccuracy I was referring to isn’t about whether Bonaly was the first to do a back flip to one blade—it’s about whether the move was banned because of Bonaly. The rules made no distinction between a two foot landing or a one foot landing in terms of making it illegal. The difficulty of a one foot landing was Read more

Feb 10 2018

I’m thrilled that she’s finally getting the fame she deserves.

Feb 10 2018

Oh my god. Lizzie and your dog might’ve been separated at birth.

Feb 10 2018

Thank you! (This is on behalf of Lizzie who can’t type out a response. She also says to send treats to the GMG offices.)

Feb 1 2018

While the Indy Star initially broke the Nassar story in September 2016, since then local Michigan media has been relentless, breaking key parts of the story and covering it every step of the way. It’s the national media that has largely ignored the story until the sentencing in Ingham County.