8/08/18 12:29PM

I do think Francois will win the starting job but I think the competition for QB1 will be close. Blackman was starting to look good at the end of last season which is promising because he was constantly being set up to fail in large part to Jimbo Fisher’s play calling (I remember the game at Clemson FSU was facing a Read more

7/30/18 3:33PM

During the middle of this last season my brother and I decided that we wanted to go a Heat game because Dwyane Wade was back, and we wanted to see him live one more time. We decided to go to a home game against the Sixers. Something came up and we didn’t end up going. It was this game: Read more

7/30/18 2:51PM

Is the “Jerry Jones is the shadow commissioner” take still a thing? I know he and Papa John tried to do their little coup. But most of the owners blew off Jerruh’s little power play and look how things turned out for Papa Johns.

7/30/18 2:48PM

Last year I went to the Miami vs. Virginia Tech game at Hard Rock Stadium. When the athem started playing I did what I always do stand, put my hand over my heart, face the nearest flag and sing along/mumble to the words. I couldn’t help but noticing all the conversations that were going on during my section while the Read more

7/26/18 1:04PM

Backstory: McCollum was on Pardon My Take, a podcast that’s part of the Barstool Sports network. The two hosts always call Kevin Durant a “bitch.” When McCollum was on he told the hosts to stop calling KD a bitch. The tweet that McCollum is responding to was sent by Big Cat (one of the PMT hosts) asking if it was ok Read more

7/17/18 10:12AM

Well they do have a lot of content on social media, and a lot of podcasts including the most popular sports podcast in the country. But yea I don’t think I’ve been on Barstool proper in like 5 years.

7/17/18 9:40AM

Probably a significant amount because of Pardon My Take.

6/22/18 9:59AM

Well you know they actually employ people that are actually informed about the sports they cover. Unlike deadspin who continue to allow Billy to steal a living here. Are his WC previews finally done?

6/22/18 9:47AM

Yea I’m still not gonna stop listening to Pardon My Take though.

6/12/18 2:31PM

I can’t stand El Tri and their trash fans but I might find myself betting on them to beat Brazil in a potential Round of 16 match up. I just remember watching international soccer tournaments growing up and Mexico always manages to get a result against Brazil. Read more

6/06/18 4:41PM

Yea isn’t that similar to what GMs in other sports do? I don’t understand how it’s “vague.”

6/05/18 2:46PM

Of course I know that all vets, and those of you all still in do not have the same political opinions. That’s my whole point of this. I feel that there is a loud minority in the veteran/military community that act like they speak for all veterans therefore, their takes = what the whole veteran community thinks. This Read more

6/05/18 7:15AM

Fine I’ll be nice to the kid that had an admin job when he was in but walks around like he’s Chris Kyle or Marcus Lutrell because he served . Read more

6/04/18 11:12PM

Well sucks that you stopped reading there and didn’t finish the rest of the sentence

6/04/18 8:10PM

Is this really gonna be my “Welcome to the Resistance” moment because when I read that press release from the White House my blood boiled with rage. So much so that I had to drop everything and write a rant. Read more

5/22/18 7:00PM

Yea I remember when that Rappaport thing happen Stoolies were coming at PFT’s neck for not being involved in that twitter war. At the same time people who just listen to PMT were telling him and Big Cat on twitter to not bring that Barstool bullshit on the show. Read more

5/02/18 4:43PM

Billy should start blogging under the alias MarcaCommenter.

4/26/18 6:20PM

This is what leads me to believe that Billy is just trolling and the new E-in-C is keeping for the clicks his articles bring. Read more

4/26/18 3:31PM

I really want to believe that Billy is pulling a PFTCommenter and this is a satire and trolling but I just think he’s auditioning to take over the BarcaStuff twitter account or for a spot on the staff of Sport, which is Barca answer to Marca.