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Sep 26

Sex is part of culture. Sex games are part of gaming culture. It fits perfectly within the themes of the website. People like you, especially now a days, need to learn to ignore things you have no interest in, instead of trying to ruin it for everyone else who do enjoy those articles. Move on. It's not offensive, and Read more

Aug 2 2019

From some pretty reputable experience, users are not coming to Kinja sites to watch video, unless it’s someone trying to eat as many eggs as possible, of course. Just read the comments. The whole building a video player from scratch and not having analytics part is so short sighted and a great example of being Read more

Aug 2 2019

Really wish I’d responded to that dumb survey when it popped up, but I clicked away as fast as I could. Ya’ll are doing great. I hope these rich idiots don’t run the site in to the ground. Read more

Aug 2 2019

Exactly. Deadspin has always reported on the sport commentariat, notably ESPN. It would be unprofessional to report on problems at other media companies but be unwilling to look into troubles at G/O.

Aug 2 2019

The deep dive articles on Deadspin and Kotaku are why I visit both sites multiple times a day, and especially appreciate that the critical eye of the writing staff has the awareness to look inward as well. Bravo Laura.

Jan 26 2018

Yep! Definitely thought about that. But in the editorial decision-making process, I decided that going for clarity for readers over spot-on French-language fluency in the top shot was the best decision.

Jan 22 2018

I’m more offended than I ever was

Dec 22 2017

Why is not wanting your product to not be actively hindered by the manufacturer unreasonable? What if every car over 5 years old was limited to 65 MPH because as engines get older, fuel economy goes down so the cars are governed to preserve driver experience?

Dec 22 2017

Right, because humans can only ever focus on one thing at a time. Read more

Dec 19 2017

The Popularity Algorithm, or PopAg as the Kinjateers call it, is more complex than just number of stars and responses, it also take into account the average number of stars per comment for the user, the average time to heat a Hot Pocket in the 3rd floor small break room microwave, a hash consisting of the last time Read more

Dec 19 2017

Gentlefolk sounds silly but I use “friends.” Even if they’re not actually my friends. Read more

Dec 19 2017

I’ve always thought of (and used) “guys” as gender-neutral. Now that you’ve pointed out that the singular “guy” is basically masculine, I’m going to switch to using “Hi All” in emails/greetings. Old dogs can learn new tricks - thanks!

Dec 3 2017

As a human driver, if a friend tosses me keys to an apparent death trap, I do this cool thing called “not driving it.” Read more

Nov 7 2017

It’s a class on information security and privacy issues for kids. We talk about freedom and privacy, learn about corporate and government surveillance, do modern crypto (public/private key), I teach them to use things like Ghostery, VPNs, and Tor, and otherwise prepare them for a lifetime of evil wizards.

Oct 25 2017

im a normal guy that just loves brands, so so much

Oct 15 2017

Who will speak for the scumbags? For the scumbags have no voice!