Doug R1
5/26/21 2:57PM

I’d like to think that humanity’s, er, better natures did that, but I also suspect that it also had to do with $$$ more as Exxon went from the biggest company on the planet to raging dumpster fire in less than a decade.

5/24/21 11:38PM

AoS already isn’t really canon. The show did an admirable job trying to keep in sync with the movies but the movies have never once bothered to acknowledge the show and the show started doing its own thing towards the end. They could have pretty easily had Coulson return given he was even a movie character to start Read more

5/24/21 11:22PM

Nancy Drew went through several iterations before the show was finally picked up by The CW. The property was in development for at least five years. There was a pilot made for CBS where Sarah Shahi played an adult Nancy who was an NYPD detective, but it didn’t get picked up. Then it went to NBC where a different Read more

5/24/21 9:01PM

Because the multiple rejected pilots for Star Trek weren’t famous enough?

5/24/21 8:49PM

They are fraternal triplets that spontaneously generated when a super chemical was accidentally added to a mundane concoction of baking ingredients during an experiment to perfect young human females. Hair color is the suspension of disbelief dealbreaker?

5/24/21 8:22PM

I couldn’t wait for the Buttercup to say “Fuck the Professor” in the first trailer 

5/24/21 7:59PM

I bet this sounded better in your “why won’t Chloe Wang date me” subreddit.

5/24/21 7:29PM

This is why, whenever I hear about a black person ‘fleeing’ the cops, my first response is “How is that *NOT* a perfectly reasonable and justifiable response for any person of color in *THIS* country??”

5/24/21 7:02PM

I can’t imagine what kind of hot garbage this must have been to not clear the “good enough for CW” hurdle.

5/24/21 7:02PM

Given that a lot of the CW shows took a season or so to really figure out what kind of show they actually wanted to be (Legends of Tomorrow most prominently), it seems like a good idea to rework it now before anything airs.

5/24/21 6:56PM

Chemical X is just black tar heroin now. It even looks black in the original!

5/24/21 6:31PM

I mean, a somewhat similar concept has worked for Nancy Drew (in my opinion, one of the best shows currently on television). I’m sure it can work here, too, with enough attention and care.

5/24/21 6:27PM

Clearly this reworking of the finished pilot is in order to make something that was already great, even greater. 

5/24/21 6:23PM

Instead they should do a drug-themed version called The Power Puff Girls, and rename the characters Molly, Lucy, and Mary Jane.

5/24/21 6:07PM

Here’s hoping they make it really grim and gritty.

Princess Seduca: Human trafficker

Princess Morbucks: Subverting elections and attempting to overthrow democracy

The Smiths: All played by Morrissey