Doug DeMuro
Aug 30 2019

Exactly. I can pull $20 on any night and that’s only driving for 3 hours or so. It’s great side gig money for me and I actually enjoy it for the most part. It’s just going to screw it up for the people who aren’t full timers.

Aug 30 2019

And this people is why we cant have nice things. When it started Uber was a side gig for people that already have jobs to make a few bucks on the side. Then a bunch of people decided to do it full time and bitch about how the system doesn’t work as they assume it should. Uber/Lyft didnt do anything to discourage this Read more

Mar 1 2019

So Stephens took the high road and you wrote a bunch of emails that look like they could have been written by an angry 12 year-old, and you actually think that by writing this and copying those emails and publishing them, we’re going to take your side? Read more

Jul 31 2018

While money is no object, this product doesn’t interest me because I never learned how to read.  

Jul 10 2018

Torch is the fighting a battle we lost years ago, screaming endlessly into the void about something that won’t change. Our energies are better spent making fun of crossover coupes for other reasons, rather than arguing over semantics.

Mar 21 2018

I’m working my way through the buried comments and I’m glad I did. You make great points. The tragedy (exaggeration) of it all is that you know with Discovery involved the only thing that is going to change is more fees, more ads, and potentially them fighting Finnegan/Freiberger/& others to inject scripted plot Read more

Mar 21 2018

Meanwhile, Doug has 1.4 million subscribers with an iPhone and a tripod.

Oct 10 2017

I’d be really annoyed if I left my job because they wouldn’t let me do things my way, and then some other fucker came in and did things my way

Sep 28 2017

Yes yes yes. Seen this a million times working at a dealer. Customers keep going to different shops til they get a sticker.

Jun 26 2017

Also went from aluminum construction to carbon fiber construction, gained 150hp, and all sorts of other, minor facelifts :)

Jun 26 2017

Kristen. Hate to tell you this, but the R8 has already been replaced. I mean, sure Audis are so indistinguishable now that you can’t tell a current model apart from one made in 2007, but I can assure you the R8 for sale currently is all-new.

Feb 6 2017

Auto insurance guy here. Turo should not and would not be involved in the valuation process outside of possibly verifying the value. The adjuster will assess the car “conservatively” and will view the terms of the policy to see if coverage is in place. Read more

Dec 9 2016

That’s a bullshit answer from someone who has apparently never driven on ice.

(I live in LA, but went to school by Lake Superior at Michigan Technological University and grew up outside of Ann Arbor. The roads here don’t turn to “ice”, you’re just a shitty fucking driver)

Nov 11 2016

Is it Trabant week and nobody told me? DeMuro just did on piece on them, too!

Oct 27 2016

Hahahaha but of course sir Demuro. I am a fan of yours but my pedantry went into overdrive for a moment. I do apologise, please go about your stellar work.

Oct 12 2016

Made $4k “versus paying cash” is the unwritten but clearly implied part.