Doug DeMuro
May 15

Please don’t explode!

But definitely do watch that commercial.

Mar 20 2019

Just watch whatever portions you want :) I don’t mind if you skip out early! Read more

Feb 20 2019

The best bonus of the wind boost is that it pushes you past Pennsylvania as fast as possible. Read more

Feb 15 2019

It doesn’t matter what Land Rover does with the new Defender — “old school” SUV people are going to hate it. All of them, without exception. There is literally zero way to please these people and still make the car modern, high-tech, fuel-efficient, and competitive. Read more

Dec 11 2018

This is my finest ever contribution to Jalopnik.

Oct 25 2018

Man *BOLD MOVE* fighting with a white Explorer without dealer markings, especially in unmarked police car heaven Maryland. BOLD MOVE. Impressive, really.

Sep 30 2018

Awww. Always nice to see it. 

Mar 31 2018

This is very odd, though not as odd as the number of people who walked up to me at this event and took pictures of me without asking, including Justin who did it at least twice. This happened maybe a dozen times, and they think I don’t see them. Some guy in the media room saw me and started recording me with his Read more

Mar 22 2018

Also, one more thing:

“you want long-term business sustainability ... Will you be doing the same thing in five years, or 10 years, as YouTube further decreases your revenue stream without your say? Somehow I doubt it!” Read more

Mar 22 2018

The thing is, I don’t mind playing in a 15,000-seat stadium against the Reno Tube Socks and giving away a 2009 Dodge Caliber during the fourth inning. I’m really good at it. My revenues are not getting decreased, and I’m happy with my income. Read more

Mar 21 2018

I recognize this may get buried here, as it goes against the prevailing point of view, but I want to provide a counterpoint. Read more

Jan 10 2018

Haha, and the funny thing is I’ve never actually worn cargo shorts. Read more

Dec 11 2017

Hey now. The guy I bought that from isn’t a terrible person! Read more

Oct 23 2017

Aww. Small world indeed — Joe is my best friend, and he wasn’t just at my wedding, he was my best man! Also one lesson I have learned from knowing him and others: Land Cruiser people are, invariable, good people!

Oct 23 2017

Yup. Exactly right.