1:25 PM

I think Fire Emblem 7 deserves a go for anyone looking for GBA titles to play. It was renamed to just “Fire Emblem” for the west, as it was the first release of the series in english. It’s still my favorite of them.
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5:41 PM

It does kind of feel like fan service, which is a giant chunk of what got the sequel trilogy into trouble in the first place.
If it was just Boba, or just the Dark Saber, or just Ahsoka and Rex, or just (the rumored) Doctor Aphra, or just (rumored again) Ray Park, that’d be fine, but all of this is starting to sound Read more

9:22 PM

Okay, this was dumb and all, but really? He gets banned, fired, and is likely to lose his career now? For accidentally shooting a gun, in his own home, towards just gaming equipment, that didn’t hurt anyone? I can understand a suspension for a short time, but this is just insane.

6:11 PM

She actually had a legit concept art that portrayed her as a black woman that they didn’t go with. 

6:43 PM

I think I agree with the root of the discussion here. MW attempts to be morally grey, but ultimately fails at it. They talked a big game, but missed the mark from a story perspective. But otherwise the game is fun, maybe not as fun as MW1 and 2, but pretty good. 

3:06 PM

waaaaaaait a sec, is voting with one’s wallet working?

7:52 PM

Slower you say? Already interested since it seems to be going back even more to the older style vs the double jump wall run slide dash mess of a game the series became.

5:59 PM

Stop playing games? How noble of you! Continue on with your oh-so-honorable cause!

3:55 PM

PUBG is the one I keep coming back because it’s the one that strikes the best balance between gearing and permadeath for me. The rate of acquiring stuff is slow enough where it feels rewarding, but also fast/easy enough where getting killed and losing all your stuff doesn’t feel utterly miserable (like Diablo hardcore Read more

5:28 PM

Thanks for bringing up your concerns. I’d like to explain a bit of my thinking and process through reporting this article. For background: I am queer and trans, and I went to divinity school for theology, where I ran my school’s LGBTQ group. The school was nondenominational, and I’m not exactly a Christian personally, Read more

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If your owner has X millions to give to the AAF for their visionary gambling tech, he better have the money for Aho. Read more

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This is fine with me. The heyday of 2005-2010 Xbox Live trash talking is long gone and besides, I barely use my mic at all anymore unless i’m in discord with my buddies.

6:36 PM

Not to say that they don’t get more of it, but as a straight, white dude, I’ve heard all sorts of stuff said to / about me as well. It’s a problem across the board. Again, affects those people more than me, but still a problem for me too. I haven’t used voice chat with anyone but my friends directly for at least... 7 Read more

1:35 PM

While I agree loot boxes have become predatory and out of control, I don’t want other government officials smelling the blood in the water if this ends up going through.

7:29 PM

Turn subtitles on. It just says Jon “screams” not that he’s saying “go go go” why would they script dialogue and then have that be the only dialogue not in the closed caption? Read more