Donna Bowman
Donna descends from her ivory tower every year or two to recap any TV show Vince Gilligan decides to set in Albuquerque.
Sep 24

Oh man, Frailty is something else. I’m not quite sure it works, but I am sure that what does work would not work at all without Paxton setting it up. A very uncomfortable movie, I wish he had the chance to make more.

Mar 31

Yes. You should check out the article you just commented on wherein writer Donna Bowman mentions that very thing.

Mar 10

Big ups to Donna for doing these! Tight, concise and to the point.

Mar 10

well said, Donna’s was a quality, insightful review, best thing I’ve read on AV in a while ..

Mar 9

Donna, your recaps are akin to the always-consistent dessert upon which you can count on and anticipate after dining in your favorite restaurant. Read more