Dom Cosentino
2/09/17 1:10PM

Oh, i’m not claiming that 3x running plays followed by a FG isn’t the best way to go. It makes it harder on the Pats for sure, but not impossible like I keep hearing. If you kick, and miss, it gives the Pats the ball back to the Pats on the 25 (instead of the 9 after a punt). Read more

2/03/17 3:29PM

I will say that the Weeks 11-15 DVOA of 16.0 for the Falcons is a lot higher than I would have expected, and I am not sure how to explain it because the empirical “eyeball” evidence conflicts. DVOA is a valuable analytical tool, but it’s not perfect and even though it tries, I don’t think it always tells the whole Read more

2/03/17 2:52PM

Your analysis of Atlanta’s defense isn’t wrong overall, but it completely overlooks a highly relevant point, which is that the Falcon’s defense is very, very young and a lot of those outrageous DVOA numbers and such were piled on in the first two thirds of the season. Over the last third of the season, the defense has Read more

1/25/17 1:20AM

No mention of the 2002 mnf opener in the list of agonies? That was when the pats were still viewed as flukes and it was billed as the steelers’ revenge game for the shocking ‘01 AFCC loss. Brady absolutely destroyed them on national TV. Pats went on to miss the playoffs that year but as a steelers fan, that to me was Read more

1/24/17 3:43PM

The most impressive thing about Brady’s 28:2 TD:Interception rate is that both of the 2 bounced out of the reciever’s hands

1/16/17 1:37AM

Thanks, Dom. Until next year. Cheers to you as well

1/12/17 10:14AM

Because I am a Chiefs fan, and because I have had my heart stomped on THREE TIMES when my team has earned a first round bye (95, 97, 03), I am fully expecting us to shit the bed. Read more

1/11/17 8:18PM

I think one thing that gets overlooked about Ben’s scrambling is how much pressure it puts on the opposing team’s secondary. When his line was garbage, he was so good at lumbering about which would a) open passing lanes, and b) make it almost impossible for defensive backs to cover for that long. He’s had to do that Read more

1/11/17 6:01PM

I would also argue that “dynamic” doesn’t mean “best”.

1/06/17 5:47PM

As opposed to Bill Belichick, who is too great to be a human coach.

1/06/17 12:26PM

“It took a while for the league to solve Rex, but when it did, he wasn’t able to counter.” Read more

1/04/17 9:24PM

I have nothing good or smart to add except that Mark Leibovich’s name is misspelled.

1/03/17 7:06PM

Exactly. Every great QB in the modern NFL is a great “system” QB, because they’re running complex plays and reads that are very specific to that actual system. Read more

1/03/17 4:55PM

As much as I dislike both Brady and Belichick’s political stances, they are by far the best in the league at making sure that if they have a square peg, it is damn well getting slotted into a square hole. Coaches I’ve played under, and stories I’ve heard from other players make it very clear that this is the Read more

1/03/17 4:06PM

Dom totally overlooked how pliable Brady has become late in his career. It’s the secret sauce you can only learn about at the TB12 Indoctrination Center at Patriot Place. Read more

12/16/16 4:29PM

His team is garbage (trust me, I live in Phoenix, I watch this in pain every week), but he does some seriously absurd shit every week. This clip might be the most incredible of the season, and you should consider putting it in the story. Read more