Oct 21

I honestly am struggling to find any real HUMMER design cues. There’s a couple of maybe-that’s-similar items, but for me, the whole design is a bit forgettable. Now compared to a Chevy truck, with the crazy grilles, it’s a total improvement, but there’s something lacking that I’m struggling to put my finger on. Also, I Read more

Oct 21

-yawn- Wake me up when somebody makes a long-range, fast charging, AWD, 2-door, electric hot hatch.

Oct 19

I want Ms. Welker to ask Trump the tough questions like “Stormy Daniels said you have a micro-penis,how would you like to respond? How long have you been a power bottom for Putin? Are you a racist,a white supremacist or a fascist? How has Ivanka’s marriage affect your sexual relationship with her?

Oct 14

Looks almost, but not quite, like a Rover 800 coupe. And those were based on Honda Accords. That’s definitely an Accord door handle, and the taillight/trunk lid shape says 3rd generation Accord as well. I think the funny black line is probably gunk or a sagging bit of trim and not the door shut line.
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Oct 11

I honestly thought we were still in the middle of the first wave because asking Americans to wear a mask, stay home, and socially distance made the Statue of Liberty cry and if we complied, martial law was imminent.

Oct 8

Everything good until you realize it is FWD instead of RWD and auto only. A Ti version with a stick of the upcoming RWD 2 series would be interesting tho. 

Oct 6

I’m with you - with the Esprit, you get the look of a wedge-shaped supercar like the ones that were on our walls when we were kids (of the 80's and 90's) wrapped around a solid performer for a great price.  If I was on the market for one, I would shell out a bit more for a newer V8 model, but 264 HP out of a turbo-4 Read more

Oct 6

Prices of Esprits are climbing, as is true with most poster cars from the late 80s/90s. This is a good mix of “well-taken care of” while also not being a show car or garage queen, so you won’t feel bad getting it dirty putting 300 miles on it in a weekend. NP, not much to lose here. 

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Oct 2

The fucker was JUST out there at the debates mocking Biden for wearing masks in public. He’s been teasing karma for many, many months, outchea practically looking under rocks to find ‘Rona. Well...

Oct 2

Are we all just believing this?  I mean, what better way to keep his mouth shut.  Oh shoot, can’t make the next debate cause I’m sick.  The man has lied about EVERYTHING.  You don’t think he and his team are beyond lying about this do you?

Oct 2

I’m so jaded at this point that I’m convinced it’s fake--50% to get out of the debates, and 50% to be able to say, “look this old fat guy had it and he’s fine, covid’s no big deal!” right before the election.

Oct 2

I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with the coronavirus at this diffcult time.

Oct 1

I think with the sunglasses he kinda looks like Max Headroom(I always thought he looked kinda like Matt Frewer anyway).