Dan Bogosian
Dan Bogosian is a recovering ex-janitor. A machine shop employee, keyboardist for Fightsong and bassist for his band The Odds, his hobbies boxing, writing, and wishing he had a dog.
9/07/20 12:43AM

You know intersex and transgender are completely different things, right? Yahima explicitly self-described as “woman and man, two-spirit”, which would equal to non-binary or third gender, not transgender.

9/06/20 11:11PM

Yeah, I really liked the first episode, but every subsequent episode has been scattershot, and it often feels like they’re rushing when they should be building suspense. Read more

9/06/20 11:07PM

I wish this was working for me on the level of enthusiasm Joelle well expresses. But it’s just isn’t yet. I see the history and societal issues that the series is trying to address some episodes much better than others. But it’s checking boxes in my mind and feels rushed. The issues with the violence/genocide towards Read more