There is no H in Doug
4/16/21 4:03AM

Compared to PA gas prices, NJ was always cheap to me. I grew up close to the Delaware and used to regularly take advantage of the lower gas taxes in NJ and fill up there. 

3/15/21 11:37AM

Technically, the Nero also isn’ t their first EV. They’ve been selling an EV version of the Soul in Europe for years. The EV6 looks great though and I will definitely consider buying one when my wife’s Seat Leon is ready to be replaced.

2/11/21 3:00AM

Hmm, that Lexus would be a great option for a long distance trip across an unforgiving continent . . . . just saying . . . .

1/30/21 1:36AM

Well done, David. Out of curiosity, did you treat the surface rust inside the frame rail before you welded everything up? I’m just wondering if it will rust from the inside out after a few salty winters. 

1/26/21 9:36AM

It does have the 3rd row; you can see the seat belts in the photo. Regardless, definitely a NP.

1/26/21 5:02AM

My Bombtrack Arise Geared has a super loud Microshift Advent hub. It’s useful for when cycling near pedestrians because they hear me when I coast and get out of the way without me having to use my bell.

1/07/21 8:09AM

From a price perspective, $9,000 is actually not that bad, if you want to actually buy a Fuego. A quick search of yielded only 3 for sale in Europe, ranging from 7k € to 9.9k €. But seriously, who the hell would pay that much for a Fuego? No dice.

12/02/20 8:06AM

Even though $4,800 could buy you a hell of a lot more, seriously, this must be the nicest Reliant left on the planet, so it’s a nice price for something that belongs in a museum.

11/30/20 10:21AM

If it’s a project car, absolutely. I bought a ‘92 Jeep Cherokee with 227k miles on it as a project car for $1,500 (back in 2002). This being the 4.0L six, it ran without any major issues; the main areas of concern were rust-related (sound familiar?). Read more

10/30/20 12:52PM

I said things in Germany were more or less fine, not wonderful. There’s been roughly 140k new cases in the past 2 weeks, so roughly 10k per day, compared to 90k per day in the US. And total deaths is just above 10k in total vs 227k for the US. And the US is roughly 4 times the size of Germany in terms of population. Read more

10/30/20 11:16AM

The want is very strong . . . . what do you think, David? Would I be able to get parts for this in Germany? I wouldn’t plan on driving it down to South Africa or something crazy, just around Germany. Luckily Facebook Marketplace won’t let me view it since it knows that I’m not in the US. But damn, I’m very tempted . . Read more

10/30/20 10:43AM

Yes, forced distancing while queuing is a definitive benefit. I work for an engineering and consulting firm in the construction industry and we’ve seen no downturn in the German market. If anything, we’ve been more productive because those people who would have normally taken a week off when they get a minor cold Read more

10/30/20 10:09AM

I live in Germany and it’s more or less fine for those not in the hospitality industry. Everyone is in annoyed that restaurants, cafés, and bars won’t be open, but otherwise we’re already used to wearing masks everywhere and dealing with minor inconveniences. Schools are still open as usual as well. My kids went back Read more