Distraxi's idea of perfection is a Jagroen
Jun 29
Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

Boeing are starting FAA re- certification for the 737 Max. Personally, they can re-certify it till they’re blue in

Jun 29
Same-same, right?

(Ex) Holden dealer next to the Skoda dealer. Not sure if about to be Audi dealer or just overflow parking for the

Jun 22
DOTS (and Worst Photo)

Dino edition. Easily in my top 3 favourite Ferraris, though the one in my fantasy garage isn’t red. Local car too:

Jun 18
80 years ago today

A dude with a big nose and a penchant for silly hats, who Winston Churchill had just plucked out of obscurity over

Jun 16
World's worst photo of...

2 RNZAF C130s and a 757. No idea why they’re doing a low flyover over Auckland today, and the internet doesn’t seem

Jun 15
Looking to die fast?

If so, a TVR Chimaera with nearly twice stock horsepower and a healthy dose of turbo lag to make it even less

Jun 8
This is not the end

It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning ...as some old English crumbly

Jun 3
I'd grow a mullet for this

Not sure I’d pay half a million dollars and grow a mullet, but I’d definitely do the party out the back and ‘tache

Jun 2
The end of an era

Bentley has just built their last L Series engine. The iconic Rolls Royce designed 6.75L (and previously 6.25L) mill

Jun 1

Turns out long loads and tight bends don’t mix. Who’da thunk?