Sep 9

We, the former colonialist powers of Europe. You know, Portugal (my country, hence the “we”), Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The UK, Belgium, The Netherlands... and I think that’s it, but feel free to add any countries I may be missing. Read more

Sep 3

What Would You Like To See From A GM-Honda Partnership? Read more

Aug 18

And you’re talking about Europe?

There is 300 vans that do under 30miles/day in my 100k residents city+surroundings, and I’m only counting the main courier companies.
With an inner city beat at DPD, I was averaging 56miles at 100 stops, and with ~6min/stop that’s a 12 hour shift with loading and unloading (10hrs+1for loa Read more

Aug 17

the article explains the market pretty well, you’re clearly not it. 

Aug 14

David, thanks for these amazing rundowns with input from Torch, probably the single thing that keeps me coming back to this blog. Read more

Aug 6

Oh David, I feel ya. A diesel Voyager just like yours, only in silver, was the first “family” car my parents bought shortly after I was born. Read more

Jul 19

Porsche 914 revival?!?

Jul 14

The problem is all the idiots that believe Autopilot does way more than that. Technically, the use of “Autopilot” was ok, I don’t disagree with Musk.  BUT, when they saw the number of idiots that didn’t understand, Tesla should have modified their messaging.

Apr 23

My mother was rear ended in traffic and the offender fled. The police responded, called it in and figured out who it was pretty quickly. They called his grandmother and he turned himself in the next morning. Read more

Apr 23

One speeding car is better than a convoy of speeding cars, the fleeing car can be intercepted by officers further up the road, chasing makes sense only in the minimum of cases. Also highway cameras are a thing. You can track down where they are and are going without actually physically chasing the car - this is Read more

Feb 20

The top is hideous.

Feb 20

Am I doing this right?

Feb 8

In developing countries, you can still see L-series Mercedes bullnose trucks, which are still hauling despite decades of dirt roads, 250% overloading, tainted fuel, and shade-tree mechanics. The last time I went to Mauritania there were really only three kinds of vehicles on the road - Mercedes 190E for rich people,

Nov 11

LOL, those early retirees rack up more miles in a year than most riders do in 10. I had multiple repeat customers who would put 75 to 100k a YEAR on their Goldwings. Meanwhile,bench racers everywhere disparage them as “Winebike-os” while polishing that 10 year old supersport with 2500 miles on it.

Nov 2

Alfa Romeo losing 4WD to give way to Lancia’s rebirth: Read more

Sep 26

The Fiat Ducato’s got an optional 9-speed ZF Auto in a recent update. His French twins are manual-only, so... no auto, at least for the Peugeot. There is a CNG engine option (the engine being a reworked diesel btw), however.

Sep 21

Different theory: Lots of french cars manage to survive in europe, which isn’t warm and dry all the time, but this is because for the past 25 years or so the rust protection on most french cars has been very good actually. The main problem with these earlier models was rust (as with most vehicles from the 60s-70s), Read more