Jul 7

THANK YOU for posting about this. A topic that is really hitting me hard, given that I was a student on an F-1 visa for college and grad school (2002-2007), on H-1B after that (also currently “paused”) (2007-2015) until I finally got my green card, and became a citizenship in 2019 - SEVENTEEN years for anyone Read more

Jul 3

i’ll go to my local advance or napa for oil, oil filters and expendables(wd40, brake cleaner etc). but it gets to a point, like sparkplugs, I wanted the oem denso ones, Advance was 18 and rock auto was 9.50. Read more

Jun 30

In the same boat here. Its so frustrating watching all the idiots ruin all the progress we all made by acting so reckless. I honestly dont understand why its it fucking hard to just wear a mask and social distance. Ugh.

Jun 30

How am I? Not great. Been working from home since late February for the sole purpose of trying to bend the curve out here in California. Apparently that didn’t mean jack shit because now guess what? Over 8,000 cases yesterday. And over the weekend as I was staying busy in my garage I saw tons of happy go lucky young Read more

Jun 26

I agree, but I refuse to call people who refuse to wear masks “harmless”.

Jun 23

It looked good when equipped with the right colors/ wheels but the interior was a little tight. The dash felt high for the type of car it was and I really think they need to get away from the weed grinder gear selector. They’ve put a similar joystick as the RR’s have in the FPace SVR. I dont see why its not just Read more

Jun 16

Ford: Hey, we’re churning out trucks and SUVs and even ventilators!
Where’s our headline? Read more

Jun 12

You are welcome to your naked A-piller existence—I’m not here to judge you. I’m just happy we live in a world where such divergent oppinions can still coexist without excess drama. How much longer that will be is anybody’s guess.

Jun 11

They tried. But when they went to shut it off, they got the “do not turn off your car while update is running.” Two weeks later, the car is dead, the update never finished, some Russian says you must pay 1000 bitcoins for them to unlock your doors, and Microsoft says user support for that version of the software ended Read more

Jun 7

I was initially annoyed by the in-car mask wearing people but they I realized they aren't hurting anything so... Whatever.  The in-car glove wearing people need a lesson on how.... All of this works.

Jun 1

Neutral: Kill off all Infiniti’s sedans/coupes, let the Q60 live on as the 400Z, focus 100% on aesthetics, and completely disregard handling/performance. Read more

May 15

Can we please stop pretending we get any efficiency out of capitalism if we keep using government cash to prop up large corporations that get too moribund.

If they need aid, break them up into chunks that can safely fail.

May 14

My dealership gets these as trades pretty regularly, and they just don’t hold up like a family vehicle should. Any of the author suggestions would be a safer bet.

Apr 6

Yeah I’m hoping they are at least somewhat accurate. MN’s numbers went from ~1,000 projected deaths, to 625 over the last week according to IHME. We’re also under the projected needs vs. rooms/ICU beds/ventilators available for the first time today which is very comforting. Read more