Feb 22 2017

A majority of people in the world profess belief in the immortality of the soul. The actual number of people who genuinely believe it are unknown.

Oct 26 2016

Yeah same here. My two Windows 10 machines work perfectly. My 9 year old MacBook Pro also works great.

Oct 26 2016

I think their core product works wonderfully. I don’t see how it’s the bane of their existence. The software is great. Problem is shitty hardware and cheapo spenders. They buy a $400 laptop because they don’t wanna buy a $600 laptop (even if they could) and there could be a huge performance difference.

Oct 26 2016

The thunderbolt connector is being merged into the usb-c standard. There is no longer a strictly thunderbolt connection.

Oct 7 2016

Cue the sarcastic “But WHO will think of the MEN?!?!” comments.

Jul 18 2016

What movie did you see? Because the G16 I saw was a fucking unfunny, juvenile dumpster fire.

Oct 21 2015

He gives enough of a fuck to write an article griping about a little fun people are trying to have.

Oct 21 2015

If this ruined the movie for you, you have some very seriously and deeply disturbing personal issues my friend.

Oct 21 2015

Dear lord Gawker/Gizmodo...Enough of the negativity...What's the deal? The Star Wars shit a dick article and how bad it is, and now this?

Oct 14 2015

Honestly, people actually still use disk drives? I mean sure, I still have Blu-Ray DVD’s in my house, but have since converted them onto my PC and just use PLEX on my computer (free version) and use the media player on my XB-One. I mean it’s simple, easy and you don’t have to pop in disks. You should probably look Read more

Oct 7 2015

If shoving a freshly toasted pop-tart in my pants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.