5/04/21 11:29AM

I truly will not ever understand why - after seeing what she went through (and ESPECIALLY if you remember first hand that time) - why on earth you would think she’s just not a person who really wants to just sit back, be mentally well, live her life, and enjoy the life she worked very hard and went through hell for. Read more

4/22/21 10:55AM

To be fair...a lot of people appreciated Master of None when it originally aired (including Asian Americans & non-white LGBTQ+ folks). Even the episode with the deaf cast was a standout....I was thinking about that episode the other day. Read more

4/01/21 11:54AM

This is far from the first time a gender reveal party has ended in tragedy, and at this point one has to think that the risk of injury or fatality for those attending them is quite high. Read more

3/25/21 4:23PM

There is nothing stopping her from having her own will, and having the stipulation that should something happen to both of them, then her sister would become guardian.   Her husband doesn’t even need to know that she had it drawn up.

3/03/21 5:01PM

It is so great that there have not been toys previously that emulated adult behavior so children could play act. I mean, what would have happened if our children (or got forbid, previous generations) were able to play farm, or school, or kitchen, or construction - both hammering stuff and digging holes in sand to Read more

3/01/21 10:07AM

I’m not one of those tough guys that refuses to cry. I have a tough time with grief. Both my own and seeing it in others. So it was tough watching that video of Taylor accepting the award on her husband’s behalf. Glad I did though. Read more

2/26/21 10:50AM

They hated the way the British press treated Meghan. Rampant racism, calling her a gold digger, etc. Read more

2/22/21 7:27AM

And a couple of people knew about Kim before Kanye... Imo it worked 2 ways.

2/20/21 7:56PM

We need to give him another chance, but only because there’s a serious shortage of white male comedians out there and we really can’t afford to lose a single one.

2/07/21 9:08AM

Agree with everything except Steve Martin. There is never a bad moment for Steve Martin to appear. 

2/01/21 4:17PM

The whole video is heartbreaking. The treatment of this poor girl made me cry last night. She lives in what sounds like a horrific atmosphere at home. Dad regularly punches mom, put her in a headlock so mom stabbed him (according to mom). Mom has no capacity to deal with an abusive man and a terrified 9 year old girl. Read more

1/27/21 8:26PM

For fucks sake, Cloris Leachman died! This is monumental, and once again reinforces the need for a Betty White bubble. I am a sad penguin today. If you are looking for content, I would recommend Raising Hope on Hulu. Stupid sitcom, but Martha Plimpton and Cloris together is heaven.
Read more

1/08/21 10:34AM

Holy shit. Way to argue you didn’t disrespect a black person by disrespecting another black person. She really should've let her lawyer do the talking. Also, um... Daddy? This girl is The Worst.

12/21/20 9:05PM

I think hephep put it best, above, with “This is exactly the type of crime people who are pro-death penalty point to as evidence that it should exist.” Read more