5/06/21 2:50PM

My heart honestly goes out to his wife. I never watched the show, but caught a couple episodes around their wedding. She was so nice and a little meek. This girl raised to believe that her role was destined to be a wife and mother, and then gets saddled with this nightmare of a person. My first thought when I heard Read more

5/04/21 3:58PM

I think people that don’t have experience with a mental health crisis (from the inside or the outside of it), are able to truly understand that a conservatorship could have benefits, as if its sole purpose is as a punishment or attempt to control.

5/04/21 2:34PM

Yeah, Tom Brady does look like he’s about to kill a cartoon rabbit, why didn’t Gisele stop him! Read more

4/29/21 8:25PM

Totally get what you mean. It’s pretty par for the course for women though—women are penalized and men are celebrated for the same behavior. Sure those guys would probably have benefited from a similar arrangement, but at the same time, they also weren’t held back by their behavior, they continued to find jobs and Read more

4/28/21 9:08PM

I think both can be true. Women who exhibit unusual behavior/spiraling are seen as needing to be taken care of, men are seen as being bad boys/eccentric. Read more

4/27/21 4:47PM

Every award show should end with Frances McDormand howling like a wolf. 

4/27/21 3:44PM

I don’t know how you can be pro-police and also tell people to call about stupid shit. Like, I’m not advocating for pro-police, but if you’re all about how police need more support, why waste their time?

4/21/21 8:42PM

Why do break ups have to have a winner and a loser? haha, someone you loved doesn’t love you anymore, how embarrassing for you. Read more

4/19/21 12:36PM

I think by “iconic” they mean that it was featured heavily in the trailers. 

4/14/21 8:37PM

Debbie is the worst, but she’s also the product of her environment and the most damaged kid. She has and is forever just looking for someone to love her and not finding it. Also, when Fiona left it was Debbie who took on the caretaker role of running the house, not Lip. Read more

4/09/21 12:53PM

I really hope this isn’t our Pizzagate. If this Gaetz stuff ends up not being accurate, it will just be his proof that everything he’s cried that liberals do is true. It will tee him up to be Trumps successor and rally the base around him. I can’t make it through another Trump-level administration.

4/08/21 10:05PM

I’m a mother, and I’m a Toby. By the end of my maternity leave I was so ready to go back to work. (Although, I had twins, so it’s a little different cuz it’s more hectic and your attention is split all the time). Read more

4/06/21 10:26PM

Hollywood Life sucks. I did PR for a high-end kitchen appliance and they got a loaner model to test, and just never returned our calls to return it. I had to try to get it back for a year before the client just finally wrote it off.

4/01/21 7:48PM

Exactly. I was expecting some like the party shot something that caused the crash. This seems party agnostic.

4/01/21 1:13PM

I really want to believe the Owl theory. There is so much more evidence in that than physically links Peterson. And we get to believe that he and his wife were good, loving people. The biggest issue I see though, is that if you’ve just been attacked by an owl, why would you not go to the kitchen sink that’s like 10 Read more

3/31/21 5:36PM

You might want to clarify that “mid-life crisis” is her quote. The way it breaks on the page makes it seem like you’re saying it about her. It’s only been 6 months since she lost a child, so that seemed a little flippant. Glad to know I misread.

3/29/21 4:19PM

It’s possible to make a bad joke and also be a good person. Not defending fat jokes and I’m not balking at it. It was VERY uncomfortable, But I don’t think there was malice. She was out of her element. She went the wrong direction. Read more

3/25/21 6:21PM

yeah, the issue has nothing to do with the sister. This guy has his own issues with weight that will spill onto his daughter if it’s not addressed. Read more