Dick Talens
11:59 AM

And there you’ve managed to point out my problem. I haven’t been able to activate myself in nearly a year. In fact, whenever I make a specific goal, I seem to do the exact opposite. I must be a polarity responder. When I was doing really well, the speed and efficiency of results were almost scary, so they came to an Read more

2:26 PM

My “ah ha” was getting a personal trainer that was interested in ME and not just filling another Gym slot. She takes the time to know me, my aches and pains and injuries (I am an older adult). With that knowledge she has helped me on my road to fitness. What is the ultimate goal? Stay on the right side of the grass.

9:19 PM

I kind of agree with you, but also realize that this specific article is about stubbornness, not about the other possible reasons as someone pointed out. I don’t think every scenario is a result of stubbornness. For me, personally, some of my issues might be because of that, but I also have other things going on that Read more

9:15 PM

People don’t seem to understand that not all calories are created equally. Our food today is much less nutritive than it was back then. The calories we eat now are completely different. We may take in the same amount of carbs, for instance, but if those carbs are all simple sugars, our bodies treat them differently Read more

9:12 PM

This article resonated with me. I have been caught in the image of an ideal life for so long, I don’t even know what my reality is anymore. I have a vision of what I wish my life were like, but I just can’t seem to make it work for me. I want to be an early(ier) riser who gets up, feels energized, works out, then Read more

1:17 AM

Just BS it. If your teacher pushes back, just reply with “Do you even lift?”

4:19 PM

So I know my chances of this being seen is rather low but I still have to ask. I’m in an English class and I have to write an essay. I want to write it on periodization but first I have to justify why a proper program is more important than a do whatever I feel like that day. I gave been looking for days and I cannot Read more

10:19 AM

He didn’t listen to a single word I said, as you’ll see by his final reply, so I gave up. Some people just have no interest in self-reflection (or reading), I suppose. It’s a bummer than his type of thinking (YOU EITHER WANT IT OR YOU DON’T , HOO-HA!) is still so prevalent in the fitness community. You sure have your Read more

1:25 PM

I’m offering you this feedback as someone who has counseled people in lifestyle change for a living. Doctors as a whole aren’t great at this either [I’m speaking as a member of that group], and part of that learning process is learning to stop focusing so much on the failings of the people you are trying to help and Read more

12:23 PM

If no one responds adequately, did you ever entertain the notion that maybe your method is flawed? Unless of course you don’t actually want to help anyone in the first place, in which case you have hit upon a perfect method of doing so.

8:42 AM

People ask you for help, you throw a magazine at them, and then denigrate them for not sticking with it, or coming back to you after you acted like a putz? And you think you’re the hero of this tale?

8:10 AM

I can’t tell if the [Citation needed.] remark is a missed edit, or tongue-in-cheek.

7:55 AM

Dick, you’re the best! This was the best article you’ve written, and I’m sorry I can’t afford to do the coaching with you, but still so glad I can read your stuff regularly!

7:36 PM

I’m really enjoying this series. Please keep them coming.

2:05 PM

Thanks for this, it’s really good stuff. In lots of things besides diet and exercise, being alert to your motivations and influences can often mean the difference between success and failure.