Oct 13 2019

Rutgers fans thought Terry Shea was as bad as it could get. Then we thought Kyle Flood was the epitome of bad coaching, but nope, Rutgers got bamboozled by Urban Meyer and Barry Alvarez to hire Chris Ash to be HC at a school which has unique challenges. Read more

Sep 28 2019

Gotta admire the confidence of someone willing to publicly admit to listening to Boomer Esiason’s radio show.

Sep 27 2019

Wait, wait... Who are these people out there saying Geoff’s a good footballer?

Sep 23 2019

Here’s the big difference. In ten years, there will be different teams at the top of the Prem. Man U will come back. Chelsea will come back. Someone will be bought be a billionaire and make a run to the top. Read more

Sep 23 2019

Granted this may be more of a commentary on my own reading skills, but that took me three attempts to read and comprehend the point Billy was trying to make.

Sep 23 2019

You know what’s worse than this “negative culture” that Tom Brady describes? The avoidance, denial, and lack of accountability culture which speaks in generalities, “whataboutisms”, and vague platitudes when asked about specific issues. Read more

Sep 23 2019

Welcome to America in 2019, where Arians claim to be helping a Gay but really just want to set them further back.

Sep 20 2019

I don’t mean to say that Greg Schiano is right about anything, and it’s different because this was a tie game and they were within threatening distance of scoring, but there should probably just be a signal to the refs of “hey, we’re going to run out the play clock” rather than the whole kneel down thing. Read more

Sep 14 2019

Yeah, right. Liberty will go to the playoff when Hugh Freeze is over.

Sep 6 2019

I’m going to leverage your thought leadership when we ideate our next ecosystem disruption. I think a deep dive initiative will help unpack the core competencies needed to move the needle on our deliverables. Hopefully, it will incentivize engagement among key players. I’m out of pocket right now, so I can’t drill Read more

Sep 1 2019

9 people from Toronto and no hits... what is this, Broken Social Scene?

Aug 26 2019

The Colts are going to have another Antonio Bryant situation on their hands when Brissett’s brain bursts through his helmet.