Aug 26 2019

No sense in arguing with Left Lane... It's not worth raising your blood pressure trying to reason with him. Either a troll or a dummy. 

Aug 13 2019

Man your reading comprehension is shit. What I’m saying is that minority officers (in my experience) tend to tell you a lot of stories about problems within the department, because many of these folks became officers to try to help their communities and don’t give a shit about the “thin blue line”. Read more

Aug 13 2019

Agreed... Much nicer than anything Cadillac has out. Beautiful vehicle, inside and out. 

Aug 12 2019

“According to DBA, the lower-powered car will get you to 62mph from rest in 11.7 seconds to the perkier car’s 11.2. Both will apparently top out at 90 mph.” Read more

Aug 11 2019

Would have been a terrible first car... Way too nice and quick for a teenager. 

Aug 9 2019

Tall shifters are your friend... I'll never understand the obsession with short shift-knobs, they increase the amount of distance from the steering wheel, which is not what you want. Short-shift kit with a mandingo-sized knob is the way to go. 

Aug 8 2019

Funny story, my old neighbor had an SLS AMG, C63 AMG Black series, and had recently bought an SLK 55 for his wife... She didn’t like it, and requested a smart car. He kept the SLK... Which never got driven.

Aug 8 2019

I can’t think of many enthusiasts that would be ok with one, let-alone two smart cars in their garage/driveway. Maybe as an April fools joke...