Wednesday 11:41AM

Being an Academic =/= Being an Intellectual

Wednesday 11:00AM

To me she’s always trying way too hard and I get the vibe she’s deluded into believing that everybody really loves her.

Wednesday 7:06AM

I don’t get the love for Rodgers at all. Seems nice, but really boring. Not sure Bialik would be a *bad* choice, but she strikes me as low key smarmy. Read more

Wednesday 4:44AM

Nah, fuck Bialik. Get her faux-intellectualism the fuck outta here.

Wednesday 2:38AM

Mayim “I actually have a PhD, have I told you about it?” Bialik belongs second to last, only above Dr. Oz. She’s an anti-vax sympathizer who is currently doing commercials for some brain health supplement snake oil too.

6/04/21 9:50PM

I don’t bother watering my yard anymore. I have a nice lawn in the spring though it has some bare spots as it is a PITA to get grass to grow in those spots. I have been seeding with drought tolerant grass seed. Plus I cut my grass “high” so I am not cutting off the blade. When it gets dry, I let it go dormant. that Read more

6/01/21 12:36PM

But because the moon’s orbit will be too close to the Earth (and far from the sun) to completely obscure the great burning star

This explanation makes no sense... the closer the Moon is, the more of the view it obscures.

5/21/21 2:34PM

Now I have to watch Ted Lasso again (not a complaint). Best anything to come out of 2020, hands down.

2/26/21 2:47AM

I made an account just to tell you how idiotic and ignorant your comments are, and how equally pathetic it is watching you try to prove “how smart you are” by using anecdotes as fact while supplementing your “knowledge” with whatever you found on Google.

Let me say this very clearly: you’re wrong.

It’s sad to watch Read more

2/25/21 9:15PM

“victim card”
“it’s basically their own fault”

You’re the hero of your Proud Boys chapter.

6/01/20 2:08PM

It’s a perfect example of a piece of media that has political theming to pretend at depth without actually having any political statements, much like how Zonday can talk at length about the song without actually saying anything. Read more

5/27/20 12:51PM

Absolutely, but you are still more likely to be a piece of shit if you are a Republican.

5/03/20 7:12PM

This game and it’s sequel are some of the most underrated games out there. KOTOR and Rogue Squadron might be the more famous Star Wars games but the original 2 Battlefront games were some of the most fun Star Wars games ever made. They felt like a fun Star Wars toybox, almost like your childhood action figure fights Read more

4/11/20 1:44PM

wait, 30 year old boomer?  the last year you could be born and considered a boomer was born between 1944 and 1964.  the youngest boomer is 56.  what joke am i missing?

4/03/20 10:03AM

Maybe I’m a piece of shit, but I think the HOA is being reasonable here. They have a policy regarding RVs in their community. The nurse and her husband chose to violate that policy without reaching out to the HOA in advance. HOA enforced their policy. Nurse and husband reached out to the HOA, which told them that they Read more

3/25/20 3:47PM

I don’t think you fully grasp the implications here. That’s his toilet now. You get the litter box.