Yesterday 1:22PM

I’m just curious; if someone called a man with a PhD “faux-intellectual”, would you speak up? Read more

Wednesday 5:54PM

It has nothing to do with her “identity” and everything to do with her personality. I find her off-putting in the same way that I find Ted Cruz off-putting. I say much worse things about Ted on a regular basis but no one’s ever accused me of misandry. Read more

Wednesday 11:55AM

Those weren’t my words, and it’s not about her gender. I guess it’s not that she seems ‘fake smart’, it’s that she seems conceited and narcissistic about her smarts. Danica McKellar is a peer of Mayim Bialik in many ways - child actor who left the biz to get an education and then returned. I don’t get the same vibe Read more

Wednesday 10:32AM

Objectively, Mayim Bialik did a decent job, but there’s something just so incredibly off-putting about her personality. Someone said, “smarmy”, someone else said, “faux intellectual” - that comes close but doesn’t quite capture whatever it is about her that rubs me the wrong way. Read more

6/04/21 1:16PM

Him: What do you think?
Her: You like it?
Him: What do you think?
Her: It looks like a good goatee... Read more

4/07/21 3:12PM

Did you watch the video? I’m pretty sure she’s something other than a white woman.

2/25/21 4:25PM

Catholic school? They did the kids a favor. Get them a real education.

6/02/20 2:49PM

Explain why calling a horrible song and performance of it is “crying because he touched a nerve”? Read more

6/01/20 3:47PM

I suppose next you’re going to tell me that P-Funk’s “Chocolate City” isn’t about Hershey, PA?

6/01/20 3:44PM

Ok, I listened to it again and it’s still a terrible song and performance, which is why it became a hit meme and not a hit single. Read more

5/27/20 2:42PM

Someone posted a thread on Twitter - wish I could find it - where they collected a bunch of her social media posts and made a very solid case that she suffers from Munchausen by proxy with the dog as the proxy. Read more

5/04/20 10:23AM

My two favorite shooters of all time.

5/01/20 3:31PM

The main reason to wear a mask is to protect others, in case you have the virus and don’t know it. Read more

4/04/20 11:37AM

Yeah, I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who knowingly moves into an HOA, knowingly breaks the rules and then is surprised and upset when there are consequences. Read more