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8:33 PM

Well, that’s what I get for being a bit of a jerk! I guess I was looking to write something about a topic I know about, I didn’t pay enough attention. Read more

7:43 PM

First, the Kmart example is about “serious offenses” not violent crime and the article says that. It’s an example of how when crime stats are reported in aggregate they can end up meaning nothing.
Read more

7:22 PM

The FBI’s figures are based on the number of people who come forward, which the story says (“...the figures are entirely based on the number of victims who come forward...”). BJS’s figures, though, do include crimes that have not been reported to police. I linked to BJS’s methodology so you can dive into that, if Read more

3:07 PM

Whew! Not Blizzard! At least they’re not looking to prosecute me for killing thousands of demons and undead!

4:57 PM

You want a good read on SORM (and a history of Russian surveillance more broadly), check out The Red Web by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan. Their as old as their use of the internet. And I mean, they’re not special in that regard. But Russia’s use of this tech to monitor and suppress dissent that Read more

11:33 AM

If they had just stuck the the original idea of “sending dildos to the places” this would be an entirely different story. Often the first ideas are the best ideas.

3:10 PM

Hate to say this, but as an older person who is not white, I have a lot of reasons for refusing, in particular, a history of police encounters where it was clear I was being dealt with as a suspect for something as I went about my normal (non-criminal) day to day activities. I’ve been solidly a middle class software Read more

10:43 AM

I was a 911 dispatcher for seven years. One problem I think people who haven’t worked in that service will miss is that this will increase caller apathy, which is a big headache. We always had cellphone callers who would say, “can’t you just track my phone?” when in reality ANI / ALI info is not always accurate, and Read more

6:39 PM

Let’s stop pretending, he is completely competent (and fairly successful so far) at what he is getting paid to do, because what he is getting paid to do is dismantle government oversight on industry. Don’t be confused by his public job title or salary, because they are irrelevant.

10:00 PM

They submit good bills all the time.  Celebrate when they actually pass one.

6:44 PM

It's even more depressing when you remember FB is using the app to gobble up all your personal information :(

10:52 PM

Sure, those numbers look big and make it sound like Telegram is filled with IS sympathizers. The study keeps referring to the “sample”, so how big is this “sample” of extremists-adjacent, versus the average users that are just there because they don’t like their private conversations with friends to be mined (or Read more

11:59 PM

Read the letter linked to above. Her decision not to testify is not about protecting Assange.