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Nov 17

Takes a long vacation, catches up on some reading, gets to some of those diy projects he has been putting off, gets rehired by the Biden administration on January 21st. 

Nov 17

It’s not exactly shocking, but I am consistently...I don’t know... amazed? amused? entertained? by how much of a baby that 74-year-old turd can be.

Nov 4

I just wanted to toss this into the void. I’m so damn disappointed that after four years of this shit 68M+ fellow citizens said, “Yes, more please.” Read more

Nov 4

I read this article, and I think it is pretty spot on. Even if Biden wins, I think you need a better organizer in the DNC, and Tom Perez is not it. Perez needs to be fired, and someone like an updated Howard Dean or Tim Kaine needs to come forward and come up with goals and strategies. Let’s not forget that Trump also Read more

Sep 25

Don’t you mean:
This report probably is the only person that does that. This reporter never felt very comfortable writing in first person. :/ This report also just rarely part of any blog this report writes due to the subject matter.

But, this reporter doesn’t really like it either, so this reporter will work on it.


Sep 25

The only solution here is to refer to yourself in the third person, like Rickey Henderson. When in doubt, always be Rickey.

Sep 25

Fair enough. Perhaps it was another of your pieces that happened to have it recently and got me primed to notice.

Sep 25

When this reporter repeated the number of ballots involved, Wolking responded: “Another left-wing reporter rushes to downplay and dismiss voter suppression targeting Trump voters.” Read more

Sep 11

For Sale: Low Mile SUV. New tires all around. Non-smoker vehicle. Ran when parked.

Aug 12

Bryan have you considered simply turning it off and back on? The password, I mean

Jun 25

It doesn’t matter. Julian Assange embarrassed the United States (and many other countries), and they are going to make him pay. And he’s the perfect target—almost no one is going to stand up for Assange, an accused rapist who many blame for Trump’s election.  Nevermind that this indictment hangs on the very thinnest Read more

Jun 18

It’s good to see the Republicans are taking election security seriously. 

Jun 17

Right, if the only real effect of this bill is that companies have to more strictly abide by their own terms of service—which it does require them to more neatly composethen they’ll just pump them full of vague catch-all phrases they can argue mean virtually anything. No one would ever successfully sue Facebook Read more