Dell Cameron
Senior Reporter, Privacy & Security

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Jun 25

It doesn’t matter. Julian Assange embarrassed the United States (and many other countries), and they are going to make him pay. And he’s the perfect target—almost no one is going to stand up for Assange, an accused rapist who many blame for Trump’s election.  Nevermind that this indictment hangs on the very thinnest Read more

Jun 18

It’s good to see the Republicans are taking election security seriously. 

Jun 17

Right, if the only real effect of this bill is that companies have to more strictly abide by their own terms of service—which it does require them to more neatly composethen they’ll just pump them full of vague catch-all phrases they can argue mean virtually anything. No one would ever successfully sue Facebook Read more

Jun 17

I’m sure everyone here has the same thought - “If twitter actually applied it’s ToS to everyone, then Trump would have already been kicked off”. Read more

Jun 4

I live in Dallas, took a run down to the Courthouse intersection in the first clip to see for myself.

Jun 4

Clearly these bricks were being dropped off so antifa can build new gulags to lock up America loving patriots. This is all being funded in cryptocurrency by George Soros.

May 30

Do people really think there were literal kids out there and it was ordered by the Guard? Fuck me we’ve gotten dumb. Putting all morality aside, it would be a horrendous strategic decision to use kids.  Read more

May 30

There are women in the National Guard. They can be as short as 4'-10" and weigh only 91 pounds and still get in.  

May 20

It is absurd that we need Congress to make illegal something that should already be considered unconstitutional by the courts.

May 19

Me after trying to follow who did what and when to FISA, its amendments and how Col. Mustard murdered Mrs. Peacock with the lead pipe in the Conservatory.

May 19

One questioned what it meant for the Democratic party, which has viewed itself as more defensive of Americans’ civil liberties. “We need to look at ourselves and say, ‘Why on earth is the Senate the body that is producing the more progressive government privacy legislation and not the House?” they said. “Why is Read more

May 13

They use the “war on terror” and the “war on drugs” to justify a lot, don’t they?