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6:53 AM

Just wondering where all the comments are about Gizmodo’s “hard on” for Ring.

7:58 PM

We have a divided government, so that is an issue as others have suggested. But we also have a major problem with regulatory capture at the very agencies whose authority already enables them to pursue investigations of Facebook wrongdoing, all of which are run by chiefs appointed by the White House and confirmed by Read more

3:37 PM

You’ll notice Keaton appears to be wearing the same prison outfit in the trailer he was wearing at the end of Homecoming. 

6:34 PM

Thanks for flagging. From now we’ll only write stories about issues that affect over 51% of a company’s customer base.

3:36 PM

I think the initial experience was frightening and when you have kids you don’t take chances. But he locked down his network and then had to weigh future risk v. benefit. No service is bulletproof. The trade off of ditching the cams just wasn’t worth it. I can understand it, even if I think my calculus would be Read more

4:19 PM

I think the way I’d put it is, risks to Ring owners’ privacy are clearly heightened by Ring’s attempt to create a social media app around its home surveillance products.

11:48 AM

She’s one of several lawmakers mentioned in the article. Her photo was chosen (by an editor) because (a) she’s very recognizable, as you’ve just demonstrated, and (b) we’ve used photos of the other more recognizable lawmakers, such as Ron Wyden, pretty recently in other stories. Read more

3:10 PM

Good question. Grand juries can force immunity on witnesses, which means they don’t have the option of “pleading the 5th.”

9:11 PM

I get your point on the Kmart thing. Readers can misinterpret. But I thought the point was important to make. I should have gone more into how states/cities sometimes use these stats to claim they’re “one of lowest crime areas” or w/e and that FBI really tries to discourage it.  Read more

7:43 PM

First, the Kmart example is about “serious offenses” not violent crime and the article says that. It’s an example of how when crime stats are reported in aggregate they can end up meaning nothing.
Read more

7:22 PM

The FBI’s figures are based on the number of people who come forward, which the story says (“...the figures are entirely based on the number of victims who come forward...”). BJS’s figures, though, do include crimes that have not been reported to police. I linked to BJS’s methodology so you can dive into that, if Read more