Dell Cameron
Senior Reporter, Privacy & Security

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Jun 17

Right, if the only real effect of this bill is that companies have to more strictly abide by their own terms of service—which it does require them to more neatly composethen they’ll just pump them full of vague catch-all phrases they can argue mean virtually anything. No one would ever successfully sue Facebook Read more

May 30

Yes, a lot of people actually thought that, or believed they were part of a far-right militia with kids. At first blush, the subjects in the videos do look like kids. So I get it. But it’s not true. 

May 27

The tweet is significant on the day a vote is taking place. He’s ordering his allies to take the bill down.

May 20

It would further codify a requirement that federal agents supply the secret court with all exculpatory evidence in their possession Read more

May 20

glad you quoted that b/c i prob wouldn’t have noticed i used the wrong word, even though the meaning is still clear. i spent 11 hours at my desk today, four of it on the phone (i fucking added it up). definitely gonna be up til 5 am now because you can’t just roll out of bed into a chair and then back into a bed. Read more

May 18

Haha. I usually copy/paste those descriptions. But that’s a good point.

May 15

Imaging that “tech” is just laptops and smart watches and other consumer toys is pretty naive. Yes, science revolves around technology. So do most other things in this world. Some are political. If you want to read Consumer Reports, that exists. Gizmodo has never been that. 

May 13

No, that’s a legitimate syntax error on my part. I’ll fix it. Thanks for flagging. 

May 6

If by “censorship” you mean I think Facebook should consider more seriously what it means to elevate content indistinguishable from a Ku Klux Klan pamphlet, then sure. Read more

Apr 10

Medicare’s administrative contractors are bound by the same laws as everyone else. If another government agency — the FBI, for example — wanted access to sensitive health information, it would have to justify it in the same way as it would if the entity was a private insurer.