Deb Schwartz
12:19 PM

If she can skate I bet the Panthers will hire her.

11:52 AM

That was pure awesome!  Each and every strike was thrown with bad intentions.  I only wish she’d gotten the KO!

11:46 AM

While I am proud of her for defending herself, I cannot believe the other crew members and managers just stood there and watched her get attacked 🤨!!!! I worked at McDonald’s as a teenager, and was a manager too, and there is no way my 18 year old ass would have stood for that shit, and calmly spoken to a customer tha Read more

9:12 AM

Everyone is probably jealous of him. He must have great genes. Presidents after him are dying and hes just walking around chilling. Even has his legs crossed that nimble nugget.

11:59 AM

My Dad, once he got old, told me to strive for friendships with people of different ages because if all of your friends are your age or older, they will start kicking the bucket before you know it and you’ll be alone.

2:18 PM

FYI , Holiday parties are hard to do, because EVERYONE does them. If people aren’t showing up for the, it’s because they probably have a dozen other invites. Some of those they don’t really want to go to, but feel obligated (family, work, etc). So don’t get down on yourself about the holiday party.

5:34 PM

I urge you to try...if your spouse predeceases you or you suffer a divorce its not necessarily easy to build friendships (real ones) when you’re older :(

9:31 PM

Thank you so very much. I have survived a history of childhood incest, followed by two brutal episodes of rape before the age of 23. I am 60. The pace of the current revolution and sheer number of victims coming forward has increased triggers to blinking red light levels for me. Your knowledgeable article spoke to Read more

6:02 PM

This is pretty soul-crushing to read. I can’t imagine being locked up like that and feeling forgotten. That in no way minimizes whatever crimes may have landed them there. But these are people who deserve humane treatment including interaction. I’m not about that eye for an eye shit.

4:36 PM

Thank you for sharing this campaign again. I’ve done this a couple of years in a row; it’s just nice to do something small for someone in need. People are people and people don’t deserve any kind of sexual violence.

12:53 PM

Just had one done. Native Alaskans have a higher incidence rate, so I got it at 40. Procedure itself was fine, but the prep was horrible to drink, and when it started to take effect, I had the first shart of my life. Just assume the worst, and get ye to a toilet if you think ANYTHING is about to be passed. Read more