Diana Biller
Jun 10 2016

This is all just a long con on Nick Denton’s part to break the new union.

Jun 26 2015

I would like to add “Shockwave Rider” by John Brunner as an important proto-cyberpunk novel. Despite its dated view on computer technology I have found it to be astonishingly prescient in a lot of ways.

Jun 26 2015

Story time. I initially went to college for journalism and on the first day of classes, the journalism professor made us go around the room and say who made us want to be journalists. Everyone was super serious about this and said Woodward and Bernstein or Peter Jennings. Then they came to me, 17 and just AGRESSIVELY Read more

Jun 26 2015

Nova (1968), by Samuel R. Delany. Yes, it’s technically a far-flung space opera, but there’s a huge emphasis on cybernetic technology and corporate espionage. Also, Delany’s multicultural interstellar society prefigures the polyglot nature of a lot of cyberpunk — rereading it a couple of years back I realized that

Jun 26 2015

Patrick Stewart is a huge fan and Ellis says he can get out of hand in a restaurant.

Jun 15 2015

God this show must have been so funny to work on. Well that or horrible because you have to get a dog into human clothes and do all those things.

Jun 15 2015

Beauty and the Beast, Earthsea, Street Fighter: Chun Li...

Jun 15 2015

No mention of Haven, based on The Colorado Kid, which has nothing to do with the book, aside from the characters Vince and Dave? Even in the book, their just old friends rather then brothers. Read more

Jun 15 2015

Damnit, could you warn us when you’re going to show us a picture of someone so unfathomably beastly. I mean...so beastly. Can’t possibly stand to look at him. Who could ever love him?

Apr 20 2015

This episode is a big reason DS9 is my favorite Next Gen series. The whole series took a look “behind the curtain” of the Federation paradise to get a look at some of the less than idea things that made it possible - Section 31, taking down rogue admirals, handling religious and political factions who were trying to Read more

Apr 20 2015

I actually always heard that line as read with little-to-no regret, at least in the last instance. He's not trying to convince himself or us. It's not a question for him anymore. It's more of a realization. It's almost an announcement. "I think I can live with that." Read more

Apr 20 2015

But with all the differences in Mirror Mirror there’s still a lot of similarities - Kirk is still in command, Spock is still logical etc. So that would seem to prove the point that is not nature vs nurture but a convergence of nature and nature that determines one’s personality.

Apr 20 2015

You just have to love that last bit of Sisko going “I think I can live with it. I can” and it’s so obvious he’s trying to convince himself more than us.