June 6, 2011

Creator: Ian Snyder
Platform: Browser
Price: Free
Ambia is slightly reminiscent of old, old puzzle-action games like Adventures Of Lolo, only it replaces block-moving with gun-shooting—and the difficulty comes in figuring out the order in which you should blast enemies. Generally speaking, you want to kill…

May 16, 2011

Pulse: Volume One
Creator: Cipher Prime Studios
Platform: iPad
Price: $4.99
Pulse is a deconstruction of a rhythm game. Gone is the guise of a guitar (or a “hero”). Players interact with complex melodies using a series of concentric circles arranged like an archery target. As the electronically composed songs play,…

April 4, 2011

Pica Pic
Creator: Hippopotam Studio
Platform: Browser
Price: Free
Even amid the rush to nostalgify every aspect of pre-1995 gaming, early portable LCD games have failed to garner much retrospective love. Maybe nobody loved them much in the first place. The extremely limited technology, which “animated” a game-like…