Dave Mayers
May 23 2018

That was a back-and-forth game with a lot of great moments and an exciting finish (even including a last second three-point attempt by Curry!). I get that the Rockets are hard to watch at times, but that game was a whole lot more enjoyable than the 41-point blowout/snoozefest two days before. We’re likely looking at Read more

Apr 5 2018

I keep harping on this, (stick to sprots!) but Boomers are (and have been) the greatest threat to America as the founders saw it, and have been since they were given the right to vote in 1970. They were given everything, grew up during the most prosperous time in american history, and promptly fucked every coming Read more

Apr 2 2018

Dag you missed the entire point of the scorpion story. The scorpion stings the frog when they are halfway across the river. The frogs turns to the scorpion and says “Why would you do that, now we both going to drown “, the scorpion shrugs and says “Its just my nature”. The point is the frog foolishly believed the Read more

Mar 16 2018

Exactly... No one is talking about that but it’s very true

Mar 16 2018

Are we doing this? Because if we’re doing this then we’re going to have to address the elephant in the room:

Jul 6 2017

To stabilize through its journey of time! You are gonna lose some years if you don’t have stabilizers. Someone doesn’t know anything about time travel.

Jul 5 2017

Nothing stops the richest owners in MLB or the English Premier League or La Liga from doing that, and those sports are doing pretty okay. In any case, I’m not arguing that getting rid of the cap/max/draft (abolish all three!) would be some utopian solution. I’m simply observing that none of those three really deliver Read more

Jun 23 2017

Maybe she didn’t see that he wound up with the ball?

Jun 18 2017

My main issue with Burnenko’s coverage was always 1) Hinkie being a bullshit Silicon valley guy instead of a shrewd, forward-thinking GM, 2) Him being so sure he was right and this would never lead to anything significant (as well as ignoring the post-Bynum disaster Hinkie inherited, and being completely dismissive of Read more

May 10 2017

I mean, it’s not really abuse from Ivy Leaguers if it comes from people who go to Cornell.