Dave Mayers
Oct 13 2015

Joe Carter. Fuck Joe Carter. And fuck Fox for replaying it every half inning.

Aug 12 2015

Sorry, couldn’t pay attention with this song stuck in my head

May 11 2015

although I would submit that anyone who vigorously defends the rule misunderstands the root purpose of a free-throw, which is to punish fouling rather than reward it Read more

Jan 13 2015

I thought it was a bad idea because it meant more money in the pockets of assholes. Which it still does.

Dec 5 2014

"If any Englishman said he has never called a Chinaman a chink he is lying,"

Holy shit.

Nov 7 2013

What's always bothered me about Kram, and to a larger extent all the white writers that appear to praise Frazier, is that they seem to use him as a vessel to safely attack Ali. Read more

Oct 16 2013

This whole thing feels like a first assignment in a feature writing class.