Dr. Dave Goldberg
Apr 11

Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Boyle?

Oct 4

Nope. I’m more convinced than I was last week when it occurred to me. Read more

Sep 10 2019

Hold on. You didn’t even attempt Butterfingers? They’re great frozen.

Aug 21 2019

The most disturbing thing about that promo image is those nails

Aug 20 2019

Maybe the real Matrix is the friends we made along the way

Jun 14 2019

$75, to watch a pair of has-beens (verging on never-weres) read text messages out of a binder. Read more

May 30 2019

If only there had been some way to maintain visibility for this show...perhaps some sort of website capable of providing daily...recaps? Read more

Feb 8 2019

I was mildly disappointed that Patton Oswalt didn’t make an appearance.

Oct 5 2018

This is some weak ass bullshit. The Democrats had no power. We’ve known since Kennedy retired that this was a losing battle, but it was a battle that the Democrats had to fight. They mounted as effective a campaign against Kavanaugh as could be made, and they lost, which was absolutely to be expected. This loss was Read more

Oct 1 2018

If the author’s not going to watch the episode I don’t see how you can expect me to read her bio blurb. 

Feb 27 2018

They tried to score the gig as official pizza to the Vatican, but rival chain Papal John has that one sewn up.

Feb 27 2018

in what universe did papa johns ever make ‘medium-good’ pizza? the only pizza they ever were better than was dominoes, and even they turned it around and overtook them years ago. i will eat months old no-brand gas station pizza before i eat papa johns

Oct 18 2017

Ugh, not to defend Ted Cruz’s policies or beliefs in anyway or form, but am I the only one that thinks this is perfectly amiable office worker nonsense? Like, that tweet about cutting off Sasse is probably the most human Cruz has ever seemed to me, at least since his sensibly embarrassing high school turn in the Read more

Sep 29 2017

They’re the Menudo of shitty presidential cabinets.

Sep 23 2017

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this asshole?

Dec 15 2016

since he cant sell burgers at his restaurant and can’t sell his steaks at sharper image, he has to take his beef to twitter.

Jun 6 2016

You think fairness has anything to do with what I’m talking about? Read more