Dr. Dave Goldberg
5:24 AM

But why did they, specifically, need the director’s cut?  They didn’t even know that was an option until the first scene.

3:29 PM

I’m trying to imagine a scenario in which he leaves the White House (ideally in cuffs, or at worst, next January) and the Republican party doesn’t immediately denounce him en masse.  Does he really believe that he’ll have any cachet at all the second he leaves the White House?

11:33 AM

I feel like the Janet Babies are Chekov’s gun. They’re around, but we barely see them. Shouldn’t they (as with Jason) have some Janet powers? I guess I’m imagining a Janet Baby army following Team Cockroach at the end of season conflict.

3:15 PM

I thought about that, too.  But Shawn has shown that he and his team are good at innovation.  They weren’t supposed to be able to build a door to earth, either.

8:44 AM

I feel like Schur et al. are typically smarter than the audience, and they are trying to leave us clues that Janet was replaced by Bad Janet in episode I, and that the incident with Mailman/Demon Chris Baker was just a ruse to bring her here. That said, it seems so obvious that it can’t possibly be correct, right?

8:46 PM

I don’t even know how to respond. Frozen Twix are amazing. The caramel ribbon becomes a snappy toffee and the cold chocolate... just amazing. Ditto with Milky Way. Come Halloween, I always extract both of those as candy tax from my kids and they go immediately into the freezer. Read more

6:26 AM

‘Why not? More guys should be bi, it’s 2018, it’s like “get over yourselves”.’

1:21 PM

Even assuming only a few weeks on average per reboot (a few lasted a few minutes, a few lasted 6 months), several decades will have passed on earth. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the show somehow synchronized us with the earth clock at some point.