Dave McKenna
Staff Writer
Mar 8 2019

My dad found himself next to Sugar Ray Leonard at the urinals of a Rockville Pike restaurant in the late 80s and told Sugar Ray he thought Hagler had won the fight. Dad was probably lucky to walk out in one piece.

Jan 26 2019

I’m surprised that, in the discussion of the kind of transgressive events that went down at Mondo A Go-Go, no mention was made of the long running web porn series Midnight Prowl. Based on the Jamie Gillis porn film On the Prowl, which was memorably recreated in PT Anderson’s Boogie Nights in the scene with Rollergirl Read more

Jan 25 2019

Makes me nostalgic about the old days when I loved going to sleazy ass places like this, which Montreal had in spades. Dirty record stores that sold bootleg cassettes, filthy peep shows, and murky head shops that sold heavy metal t-shirts you had to wash 3 times to get the smell out. All of those places had greasy Read more

Jan 18 2019

I ain’t giving Dan Snyder ain’t credit for shutting this down, just for the fact it should have never been allowed out of the think tank that didn’t see the connection, that said I have grown up in a household that was as deeply rooted in fandom of this team, and once Snyder bought the team, and things started going Read more

Sep 22 2018

Why does it feel like there is a theme of great players trying to claw their way out of Ohio’s bullshit?

Sep 21 2018

What does it hurt the school just to let her go? Now you have articles about this and the school comes off looking like assholes about it.  

Sep 21 2018

Listen, I think the NCAA is awful and she should be able to go wherever she wants and whatnot. However...
“I don’t participate with drinking and smoking and stuff.”
C’mon, now. Don’t be a narc.
(And good luck finding a softball team without that stuff outside of Liberty University.)

Aug 8 2018

Irony or karma that Eric Gregg 3b umpire in the Fields game is later one of the union’s sacrificial lambs in 1999. Gregg resigned in a labor dispute and never got his job back.  

Aug 7 2018

Sure, but otoh, many union members literally died to give us many many many of the rights and privileges we take for granted now. There are still people (fewer of them, but still) who would never under any circumstances whatsoever cross a picket line— not even to get something they vitally needed, much less just to Read more

Aug 7 2018

Incident is shown at 1:27 of the YouTube video. I skimmed looking for the ninth inning for way too long before realizing it was a different game altogether. +1 for modern chryons.

Jul 31 2018

I had the privilege of meeting Josip around 1995 or 1996 at a tiny Air Force base in England. He and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine were touring and put on a great show! Nikolai was the heel, of course, and beat The Hammer by knocking him out with a foreign object pulled from his trunks. Read more

Jul 31 2018

Had to have been a pretty sobering experience for him to really see first hand how Republicans truly see immigrants. He’s a guy who was everything they claim to embrace but with that particular battle (or political prop to be more accurate) long over for them all they really saw him as was an “anti-American foreigner” Read more

Jul 30 2018

““He was the Tokyo Rose of the 1980s,” Impallaria said of Volkoff. “He made his living spitting on the American flag and singing the Russian national anthem. Now he can say he was just doing a job. Tokyo Rose was just doing a job, too.” Read more

Jul 30 2018

The best wrestling gimmicks are usually the ones that are either an amplification of the person’s personality (Flair), or an alter ego (Goldust). Nikolai Volkoff would probably fall into the later category, though he was more like a parody of something Josip clearly despised. He’s more like Col. Klink or the other Read more