Dave McKenna
Staff Writer
2:40 PM

Aw, that photo! I’m weepy. I wanna go back so bad now, Michael. Thanks for that.

2:06 PM

TC: The Bucks looked a little worse for wear lately too. The team and the Quad gotta get strong again quick!

5:11 PM

AP: Thanks so much for this. Amazing stuff. I talked to him on the phone a couple times and was in awe the whole time. He lived a life. Thanks again and be well...DM

4:47 PM

S: Johnny Thunders invited a friend of mine to play “God Save the Queen” on ukulele to open his Max’s Kansas City Show when he was like 9 years old. My friend, not Johnny. That’s better than any story I can tell so I tell it all the time. Can you imagine????

4:05 PM

Oh, my! i was there. that is the luckiest guy who ever lived, just because he lived! i tried looking him up a couple years ago and learned nothing good. his problems never went away. i was working that day at the track, and i saw him brought out back in handcuffs and it was very sad. how did he not get killed? That Read more

4:03 PM

When I was in college in the early 1980s a guy in my dorm’s brother was on Y&R (“Brian Forbes” was the character) and he came to visit a couple times and he was the coolest and I’d never met a TV star before and I watched that show for the next 20 years. I hope Nikki isn’t still stripping.

3:58 PM

I think the NFL allowing review of pass interference will be the biggest rules debacle in league history. I can’t see how they’ll come up with a protocol whereby every non-call reviewed won’t be ruled interference, by the letter of the law.

3:56 PM

Huge whole in my guitarsenal right there. Never had an AC-30! They’ve actually gone down in price a lot in the last several years, like Fender Twins, so I’m gonna get one eventually. I should flip a few little ones into an AC-30. Call me if you change your mind!

3:47 PM

Not even Einstein could explain why time moves so much faster when you’re trying to get kids out the door for school in the morning. Any 2-for-1 trick—breakfast in the bathroom even— is acceptable before 8 am.

3:38 PM

whatever’s the most recent acquisition! i have so many, one of each almost at this point, and it’s hard to pick out just a couple, but: i think i have the fondest feelings for all the old ‘50s PA amps that i use for guitar, old lunchbox looking things by Knight or Bogen . You can get ‘em cheap and sometimes they just

3:21 PM

If anybody who doesn’t hoard tube amps is weird, I’m not weird.

4:40 PM

NC: Thanks for the factual catch. I botched it by leaving out the qualifier “from the Deep South,” which has been added. Be well...DM

12:22 AM

S_I_G: I LOL’d out loud when I read this. Damn, that’s funny. At the time I thought Hagler won the fight, too, and repeated that for years and years. But I had a change of heart when Youtube came around and gave me a second chance to score it. Have your dad rewatch the fight and both of you get back to me. Thanks for Read more

4:09 PM

KMDS: good stuff. Heavyweight champ Larry Holmes once told me to “Fuck off!” I was trying to be nice and didn’t think I deserved it at the time, but I’ve definitely been telling that story and laughing about it with my buddies for 35 years so it worked out fine.

5:33 PM

MF: I think your first question is fair. I got the assignment and rushed out the door and was not prepared for their reactions and that’s my fault and it made me feel bad immediately. There goes their hero. I left there fully reminded of the genius of Kurt Cobain and the goddamn power of rock and roll.

7:40 AM

Great question, Dr. E! In my mind’s ear, it’s always been Warner Wolf’s voice on that game, even though I knew he wasn’t the everyday guy. I never fact checked it until today, and saw that Wolf was indeed part of Senators broadcasts for the last few years before the team moved to Texas and he moved to NY and went Read more

9:20 AM

Eb: You know, there really is enough for a book in that statutory-segregation era of Falls Church. That ordinance restricting African Americans to the one neighborhood inspired a protest by E.B. Henderson, an amazing guy who lived in Falls Church. Henderson’s fight led not only to the non-enforcement of the Read more