Apr 21 2017

George Soros personally handed me $500 worth of Outback Steakhouse gift cards to write this blog post

Mar 20 2017

I debated with a flat earther for a bit one day and he admitted that the moon was round, but he still believed the Earth was flat. His reasoning was something about water. He said that water doesn’t conform to the surface of objects. So that’s why there was no water on the moon but plenty on the surface of the Read more

Feb 16 2017

They have different reasons for doing it -- after all teenagers are major followers. However according to my 13 year old step daughter, she doesn’t want facial recognition apps automatically tagging her on social media. She wants to choose where her pictures goes. Somehow I think it’s just the ‘cool thing to do’ for a Read more

Oct 6 2016

Bobby, we have to measure the Universe somehow. Humans, most of them fucking morons trapped in a bag of their own projected shit and fascination with instantly blinking lights, still require the need for self sustainement, like flying cockroaches, who live for about 8 days and just fuck like crazy in the time they Read more

May 10 2016

Hi Princess Superstar! I’m sorry you chose not to respond to my email requesting comment but happy to see you here!

Nov 13 2015

Do the people who stop and check their cell phones on the subway stairs count?