Dennis Lee
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9:38 AM

Regarding soondubu: at Korean BBQs I’ve noticed this gets served with the banchan but, in a sharing environment I never know the etiquette - it’s usually one small bowl of it with no other serving implements. Usually just with my husband and friends I feel OK sampling drinks with, but it feels rather awkward. Is there Read more

7:28 PM

I love this so much. Thank you for introducing Korean cuisine to the readership. I am Southeast Asian but love Asian cuisine. I am so happy to see an appreciation for good food.

12:21 PM

Any advice for a girl with a shellfish allergy? I’ve wanted to try Korean food (put me in the “intimidated that I’ll look clueless” camp), but shrimp paste/unlisted seafood ingredients are a no-go for me. Any recommended dishes?

11:54 AM

One thing that is good about Korean cuisine and restaurants in the states is that while Korean food has gotten more popular, it still hasn’t crossed over into mainstream acceptance to the point where you have sort of watered down American-versions(like a lot of American-Chinese or TexMex) of it or where restaurants Read more

11:03 AM

Are there really grown adults who can’t use chop sticks. I mean I understand preferring not to use them but its hardly rocket science

11:03 AM

You’re missing out, then. Bibimbap is quite possibly the most hearty, satisfying meal known to man. And as Mad Dog Brut pointed out, bulgogi is fantastic (my favorite versions of bibimbap are heavy on the bulgogi).

10:45 AM

With all due respect why the fuck would you comment except to scratch that itch of must having to comment?