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(I always thought that Vegeta was an odd name for an anime character, but whatever.)“ Read more

Celery?  Damn.  I’m going to have to be a hard nope on that.  Celery is the one flavor in the known universe that I absolutely cannot stand :-(  I’m happy to eat cilantro; I don’t like durian but it’s not the worst.  Celery is the worst. Read more

Instant read. A thermapen will tell you instantly where a dial or cheap digital one will take up to 30 secs Read more

I imagine that this is what Andy Warhol had in mind when he said that, in the future, everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes. This is Rotisserie Man’s moment in the spotlight, and he’ll be talking about it for the rest of his life to a circle of increasingly bored friends, family, and elevator-riding strangers. Read more

IT’s funny my buddy and I was going to do that one day for lunch at work, go to the grocery store nest door each get a chicken and a loaf of Italian bread and destroy it over lunch. Read more

I hope he takes pics of his face in profile each day. Be interested to see if his face starts to get puffy. Read more

Grand Rapids, MI, too when I was a kid. In CT now and still love it! Read more

A dollop of extra sharp cheddar or spicy horseradish Kaukauna is gooey heaven when plopped on a burger just after flipped.  I live a mile from Kaukauna, so cold pack is our jam up here! Read more

Ugh, now I really want some swiss almond Kaukauna with wheat thins Read more

this stuff on a burger or brat is heaven. Read more

The Merkt’s Port Wine cold pack cheese was a fridge staple, growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Read more

Gorging yourself until you’re sick on rare cuts of meat while not tipping the server is definitely a metaphor for something.
Read more

We have one of those here GREAT way to get the meat sweats lol. Read more

Caper berries are *not* the same thing as capers. They are both delicious, but caper berries are the size of table grapes and full of nicely crunchy seeds. “Capers” usually refers to the flower buds of the plant, and are much smaller (and what you want to use). Read more

I’ve discovered Michelin restaurants enjoy serving uni and I’m for it. The most fabulous use has been in Washington DC at a restaurant near Kamala Harris’ home. It’s called Xiquet and about 6 pieces of uni were served on a miniature, toasted brioche bun (made in-house, of course) coated with kelp butter. Read more

Good to know! That totally makes sense. Read more

The only time we’ve tried uni was at an all you can eat sushi buffet in Vegas. Apparently it wasn’t the good stuff. the texture was like of slightly chunky wound drainage, and the taste like the old iodine soaked bandage just ripped off said wound. Read more

Don’t forget the best time of year makes a difference for the taste of uni. Never eat it in the summer months. Best to eat in the winter months. Read more

When I tried it for the first time, it was slimy and runny like snot and barely had any taste. It took a while before I tried it again and the second time, I tried it at a very nice place and it was like night and day: creamy, full of brine-y flavor. I have been hooked since and always order it now if the place looks Read more

I’ve tried uni many, many times and most often it’s offputting. But when it’s good, it’s AMAZING. Read more