Go behind the scenes of The Office’s “Booze Cruise” episode with this decade-old Jenna Fischer vlog

Remember 2006, when the American Office was still finding its footing and everybody on Earth had a video blog? Well, Jenna Fischer remembers. As reported by Vulture, the actress recently unearthed a behind-the-scenes video she shot during the filming of the fan-favorite “Booze Cruise” episode from season two. Granted,…

Queer Eye’s Antoni starred with Mackenzie Davis in a 2011 production of Legally Blonde

Long before he was teaching grown men how to slice and smash avocados, it appears Queer Eyes Antoni Porowski was bitten by the acting bug. A quick glance at his IMDB page confirms that this reality star-turned-restaurant owner appeared in a handful of short films and at least one episode of The Blacklist before…

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are either bad at waving or teasing a fourth Rush Hour

Rush Hour 4 is something that’s been on our collective radar for, if you can believe it, seven years now. It was only in the last year, however, that the culmination of this culture-clashing buddy cop tetralogy started to look like a real possibility, with Chris Tucker being quoted as saying, “It’s happening.” As

Grimes hid a secret ambient track on SoundCloud and fans instantly found it

Give internet sleuths enough time and they’ll find just about anything. That’s a lesson Grimes learned recently when, as reported by Stereogum, the singer teased the existence of a previously unreleased track hidden somewhere on SoundCloud. In a throwaway comment on an unrelated Instagram post, the singer—who is still…

Let’s check in on Salute Your Shorts' Danny Cooksey, who just got his own Budnick action figure

Conducting a “Where are they now?” investigation on your favorite childhood stars can be a real gamble. You just never know what kind of personal tragedy has befallen them in the decades since they graced our television screens. Fortunately, we can now say with some level of certainty that former Salute Your Shorts