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1:26 PM

There were only three of us kids. My eldest sister and I played the piano without incident. My baby sister tho, she went down swinging every time. lol

10:48 AM

D.C. is a lot of fun, or at least it was a lot of fun when I was there during the Obama years. It has changed a lot, it’s not quite Chocolate City anymore (this shift happened while I was there) and the gentrification makes living there UBER expensive, but I still love D.C. It’s a pretty fascinating place. Also the

11:36 AM

Thanks! I’m actually thinking of writing something about my life and my family. Still working out the particulars tho!

11:15 AM

Hey hey hey, fellow former St. Louisan! I’m also from Florissant and went to Hazelwood Central High School. And I’ve told my family, if they all didn’t live there, I probably would never go back to North County. The social structure and anti-intellectualism thing drives me bananas! (In an earlier draft of this piece I

10:59 AM

I’ve just never had one that was prepared in a way that I found edible. My dad tried to cook one a few times and it was just horrid. But I’m willing to consider that a good pork steak exists somewhere!

3:13 PM

As someone from St. Louis, I’m profoundly lost and confused on this bagel situation (but I’m enjoying the jokes). But many things people eat in St. Louis, that the city is also known for, are happy accidents or kind of odd, but delicious—like the dessert gooey butter cake, for example, where someone screwed up a

6:37 PM

I thought they were painted like tigers because of Cardi’s line “this pussy’s wild, throw it in a cage,” since tigers are essentially wild cats, aka “wild pussies.” But I’ll admit, that might be just me thinking too hard!

4:23 PM

Me and fake eyelashes always start off good, then the ends won’t lay down and stick and it looks like the eyelash is trying to escape from my face!

11:26 AM

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it, and I’m glad the story was helpful.