Danette Chavez
TV Editor
10:42 AM

Not to be greedy, but Lodge 49 needs 4 seasons Fire, Water, earth, and Air. Maybe 5 if they can manage it, the quintessence, but that’s optional.

2:47 AM

Danette, thank you for a great season! What a finale! I loved every second of it and can only pray that AMC grants a Season 3 to wrap it all up (I think this could be the greatest “Only 3 seasons” show in history). Liz is Connie’s Squire!! The closing moments make it so clear, as well as Liz being a part of the Lodge Read more

1:22 AM

I loved this episode, and I love this review... But I just have to point out that according to IMDB and the end credits, that dumbass’s name really and truly is... ugh... “Booie."

3:22 PM

Are you trying to tell me that at a certain point things will look doomed Thomas Shelby in particular or his family in general, and it will be very dire, and look like their final arrest/capture/execution, but turn out Tommy had anticipated that possibility all along, and has a secret backup plan for that eventuality, Read more

6:46 PM

Cho could make Marvel movies too. He’d be my choice for Reed Richards.

4:15 PM

Can this help herald a return to shows with somewhat standalone episodes in general?? I love a season-long plot, and some shows do benefit from it, but not every show needs to be a 10-15 hour movie with arbitary cuts marking the end of one episode and the beginning of another. I’d love to see a Star Trek like this Read more

7:39 PM

I would really love a Munch visit to Brooklyn 99, for a Belzer/Braugher reunion (from Homicide life on the street). I guess that won’t happen, but the guy has appeared on almost every other show on network TV

7:02 PM

Jeffries deserved better. She brought a compelling energy to the show that was different to the rest of the team, and she was a smart, cool woman of colour, which TV certainly could use more of. I wish they had used her better and kept her around (though maybe the actor didn’t want to stay). Read more

2:06 PM

I want someone to cast this young marvel in “Heart of a Lion: The Kid Cudi Story” ASAP.

4:40 AM

lol Yeah. Literally any time I go longer than a day without working on a project, I panic and think, “Oh no, I’ll never write again. I’m terrible at this and I’ll never finish anything because I have no idea what I’m doing!” Read more