The new Doctor is in—and so are our first impressions

Doctor Who season 11 hit the ground running with a new Doctor—Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to ever step into on the role—new companions, and new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Here, in addition to a full review of the premiere, The A.V. Club weighs in on Whittaker’s (and the season’s) auspicious debut.

At least one non-human character is confirmed to have a big part in Game Of Thrones' final season

The two most pressing mysteries in Game Of Thrones season seven were “what happened to Gendry?” and “where’s Ghost?” (“R+L=J” came in third), one of which has already been resolved by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. But heading into the final season, viewers still want to know where Jon Snow’s direwolf has been since…