Brother Seamus A. Dickman
Jul 2

Or maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, it’s the random internet commenter, and not a master of cinema, that doesn’t get horror.

Apr 27

Oh hey, a person on this board who actually still likes this show. You and Ellestra. Everyone else here (including, apparently, the reviewer) just shows up to bitch and whine, like the show wasn’t custom built for their bespoke expectations and so it’s awful. Read more

Apr 26

So Caleb is not the bad guy that I thought he was, as much as he’s been a pawn the whole time by the forces that be. The reveal that Francis was actually selling him out, that he initiated by listening to their captive was a mind twisting tragedy. I’m hoping for a better end to Caleb than being the instrument of Read more

Mar 31

I’m planning on driving my current car into the ground.  After that, I’m buying an EV.  So impeached tiny hands can do whatever the hell he wants, I’m done with ICE vehicles.

Mar 13

First off, more expensive areas charge more just because of the market. Gas stations that pay more to lease their store obviously have to charge more for gasoline. California real estate on average costs more than most other regions. Read more

Jan 7

Oh, man, that is some good Internet right there. “I don’t have, want, or understand a thing. And it costs more than a different thing with way fewer features! People are dumb!!!”

Nov 22

I like how you point out the over promises(legit complaint) but totally ignore the actual delivery. Tesla has accomplished almost everything they have promised. EVERYTHING. Not always exactly in the timeframe promised, sometimes over budget and more expensive than promised but they deliver. Read more

Oct 27 2019

And then Trump stretched out his arm in a thumbs down gesture, and was surprised when nothing happened.

Oct 27 2019

Yes, but it also plays into his “most attacked president in history” narrative and by Wednesday, he’ll be saying it was just a small group Democratic representatives and he heard they had paid some people off to boo him. Probably illegal immigrants taking those booing jobs away from real Americans who love him, but Read more

Oct 27 2019

The “Veterans for Impeachment” signs behind home plate at the top of the fifth was also a nice touch.

Oct 7 2019

There were two references to Halloween III: Season of the Witch. First, Silver Shamrock, the evil company making killer masks and then Conal Cochran, the evil mastermind behind the company’s deadly plot, were both referenced in the files Eliot was loading off the hard-drive at the front of the episode. Esmail must Read more