Brother Seamus A. Dickman
Dec 5

I bought a 2014 i3 earlier this year and it doesn't support CarPlay or Android Auto. Dumb. I'm fine with using a cell phone holder and everything, but it's a freaking BMW, it should do everything that a Honda Fit does, at the least. 

Oct 24 2019

I get between 80-100 miles before the range extender kicks in, usually. The Rex gives me about the same numbers. I've only had to use gas a dozen or so times. Probably bought about 8 gallons in the last six months?

Oct 24 2019

That’s my car! Bought a 2014 six months ago for 16k. Absolutely loving it so far. It’s quick and fits into any parking spot, and turns a lot of heads. I’m probably one of only a hundred people in Wisconsin driving one of these things, which is a cool feeling.

Oct 23 2019

No kidding. My i3 has a 22 kwh battery, and that gets me about 75-100 miles. The Mazda has a bigger pack, but only by a third or so, and it’s obviously going to be a lot heavier. I'm not sure what they're thinking, here. 

Oct 15 2019

You nailed it. My first job was also as a golf course kid, although it was a slightly different role with much less public interaction. I cleaned the clubhouse up early in the morning before we opened, pulled all the golf carts out of the garage and into the parking area, refilled the course water jugs a couple times Read more

Sep 16 2019

I bought a 2014 i3 six months ago, the range extender version, upgrading from a 2009 Honda Fit. So far it’s been one the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve spent about 12 bucks on gas since then, which beats the hell out of the $60/month I was spending. It’s extremely fun to flick around corners, and the instant torqu Read more

Aug 26 2019

Agreed. Whenever I complain to anyone about how much I hate that Hulu only offers stereo sound, they’re like, “oh really? I didn’t know that.” 

Aug 20 2019

I’ve used the BMW Connected app to unlock my i3 a few times since I got it six months ago. Usually because the fiance is like, “I need to grab my sunglasses from your car" or whatever, and I'm too lazy to go grab the keys from the bedroom desk. But yeah, I could live without the feature, haha. 

Aug 12 2019

I actually use the drive thru a lot more since I got my BMW i3. I always hated idling and wasting gas previously, so I'd usually park and go inside if there were more than two cars in line.