Damon Young
Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)
Jul 2

yeah, this is exactly my point. i’m not calling this dangerous and potentially murderous woman a “karen.

Jun 16

also to be clear, i am not anti suit. i own several suits. nice ones (i think). even like three skinny-ish suits from suitsupply. which give me trouble because of my thighs, but the look is worth the pain.

i’m just anti-coordinating an effort to coordinate suits to “change a narrative” that can’t be changed by your Read more

Jun 10

1000 jumps in a row would’ve been A LOT for 21 year old athlete me. 41 year old washed dad me needs to pace myself. 

May 5

a coincidence is possible, sure. but come on, lol. lebron leads the cavs to the greatest series comeback ever—against the team with the best record ever. and of all the time the pathologically competitive mike had to agree to do the series, with people badgering him about it, this just happened to be the time he said Read more

May 5

even that would have holes though, because, even after controlling for pace of play, teammates, etc, of how difficult is it to compare people across eras. definitive answers just can’t happen, but we can speculate!

May 5

Yes, actually. As the people who actually produced this project said, it’s not a coincidence that Mike finally said “Yup, let’s do it” at the exact same time that LeBron had his greatest achievement. The proof is literally a click away. 

May 4

i don’t actually hate it. it’s not garbage at all, it’s just drake.

Mar 23

Anyone who wears American (freedumb!) flag attire can get coronavirus as far as I am concerned”

i get that feeling, but the more of them that get it, the more it’ll be spread to other people.

Oct 22

I loved those early 90s UNLV teams too, but the LJ comparison just doesn’t work for me, because as athletic as he was—I’m pretty sure he either won or came in second in a dunk contest—he never jumped off the screen like young Barkley/Blake/Bron did. Basically, I never was in fear of his life and the lives of people Read more

Oct 4

so a few people have asked for my opinion about the actions of the judge and bailiff, and I didn’t say anything about them because i assumed the take on them was obvious.

anyway, there’s the 35 word answer: i have difficulty imagining a black person convicted of murder getting hugged and his hair braided by agents of Read more

Aug 13

maybe you should start driving everywhere. or perhaps cash in on lightskint privilege and get you a gulfstream.