The Faces of the Zimbabwean Delegation Listening to Trump Speak Are the Blackest Things That Happened This Week

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is a terrible person. He’s stolen elections, he’s bankrupted the country’s economy, he’s murdered citizens and his wife beats models with extension cords (???), and the world will be a better place when he’s dead. (Speaking of which, he’s 93 years old, but don’t allow that to give…

This Belly Flop Contest Into a Pool of Mayonnaise Is the Best-Ever Example of ‘That’s Some White-People Shit’ 

It’s hard to assign an accurate definition for the oft-employed phrase “That’s some white people shit” because, well, the best-possible definition is located within the phrase. “That’s some white people shit” literally means, “That’s some shit so exclusive to whiteness that it deserves its own phrase.”


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Didn’t Beat ‘Racism,’ He Just Beat a Racist White Boy (and Made Him Rich)

Of the myriad justifications for 1) witnessing the sham “fight” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor and 2) finding joy in the serial domestic abuser’s win, the worst is that Mayweather’s pummeling of Caucasian Jidenna was some sort of existential victory for blackness. “They” lost last night and “we” won.